2017 hits tourist attractions in Bandung

In 2017 there are a lot of new places in Bandung hits. Starting from nature to the city park, and even sports facilities. Want to know just the place where the most hits during 2016? Here’s some place:
Farm House Lembang

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This place to be very special because it hits and hobbit houses and unique photo spot. The farm house is very tastefully Lembang selfie travel. Evidenced by the many beautiful spots that can be used to take pictures, especially a hobbit house. Many offered by Farmhouse, including selfie, travel with the rural atmosphere and pertain Europe. Even to enhance selfie-mu, there is costume rental support. If you’re hungry, Wargi can Bandung culinary tour with two options Indonesian restaurant food and europian food.
The Lodge Maribaya

Enjoy the atmosphere of the cliff with panoramic views of the pine forest into a special tour desirable. The Lodge Maribaya Wargi in Bandung can enjoy the solitude and romantic right on the edge of a cliff with views of the pine forests pertain. The Lodge Maribaya has many amenities, including camping ground, outbound, tracking, and culinary with two choices of the restaurant The Pines Cafe and Kitchen Hawk.
Glamping Lakeside Ciwidey

Glamping Lakeside is a new tour that opened in July 2016. The location is directly overlooking Situ and right in the area of ​​love stone. The resort is also located in the middle of the expanse of tea plantations, so Wargi Bandung can enjoy a very beautiful nature. Glamping in Lakeside, Wargi Bandung can enjoy the resort area with full facilities. Here you can rafting, fun games, paint ball, fun offroad, tea walk, gathering, bicycle track and explore the garden strawberry. There are two favorites in the resort’s facilities, which Pinisi Resto Glamping Glamping Tent Resort Lakeside and Lakeside.
slopes Anteng

Given the name, because the slopes are located on the slopes Anteng Cimbuleuit and calm that comes from Sundanese language. Said calm aims to make the visitors can enjoy and feel at home with the atmosphere on the slopes of the concept Anteng panoramic coffee place. Divided into several sections place, ie indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor. Outdoor area on the slopes of the cliff Pager Manish furnished with wooden chairs and 5 tents transparent. While the semi-outdoor, with a direct view of the hills Punclut furnished with wooden tables and bean bag funny. While indoor equipped with a bean bag and no smoking area.
Upside Down World Bandung

Upside Down World Bandung which opened on October 10 this provides some upside room. Bandung Wargi can take pictures in a wide variety of rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, etc. Bandung Wargi can take pictures as if they were in a world without gravity. Upside Down World Bandung is located in Jl. H. Wahid No. 31 not far from Jalan Dipatiukur. Operating Hours Upside Down World Bandung, Monday-Saturday 11:00 to 21:00 Sunday 10:00 to 20:00 while. For the price of the entry ticket, 100K adults and for children under 120cm are subject to the price of 50K.
Fields Gasibu

West Java Provincial Government to revitalize Field Gasibu by making it more beautiful as sports facilities and public areas. Various facilities are now available in New Gasibu, there is a library, mosque, toilets, and a jogging track. Area planted with grass field with jogging track beware white and blue. Garden fountains are also many so coveted rating. Water fountains can produce 2 to 6 meters of 62 holes using the technique of cleaning the fountain musical fountain which is a technology from Germany.
terrace Cikapundung

Cikapundung terrace situated on the River Cikapundung, Babakan Siliwangi. Inaugurated in early 2016 by the City Government of Bandung, green open spaces that are around Babakan Siliwangi into a park that must be visited at Wargi Bandung. There Cikapundung River that can be used as a vehicle for rafting. Quite a cost of Rp. 10,000 (adults) and Rp. 5000 (kids), Wargi Bandung can enjoy the thrill of this game. In addition, there are also some interesting spots, namely the red bridge, amphitheater, and a fountain. Wildlife commonly called TECI also has an urban concept that is expected to be a space show creativity Wargi Bandung.
Bandung City Hall Area

The location of this park is located in Bandung district government office is located at Jl. Wastukencana No. 2. In the park has been renovated by the municipality since Emil Kang served as mayor, there is enough love iconic padlock. In addition, there is also a fountain and a flower garden laid out in such a way that it looked gorgeous. On the outer side of the park, there is a small river that has been filtered to be a safe water playground for children. New entertainment at this park is a maze wall were made some time ago and can now be used.
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