5 Benefits of Broccoli for Body Little


Prepare a tasty baby food for baby is new routines as parents. Well, the little one in this golden age requires good nutrition so that growth takes place optimally. However, you need to be selective in choosing materials for their lunch so that nutritional needs are met well.

Vegetables are a source of natural nutrients are easily available and the price is quite affordable. Vegetables that have a dark green color has many benefits to maintaining the health of the little one, like broccoli. Nutrient content in it will help meet your child’s daily nutritional needs know! Let’s see the benefits of broccoli as baby food following: (See also: 6 Efficacy Watermelon for Pregnant Women)

Keeping Eye and Skin Health
Broccoli contains vitamin A and lutein which is useful for maintaining healthy eyes, so avoid harmful diseases such as cataracts. In addition, there is the content glucoraphanin which helps repair skin damage due to sun exposure so that the risk of premature aging.

Preventing Constipation
Not only pregnant women at risk for constipation, but the little one can suffer from bowel hard fruit. The amount of natural fiber content in broccoli is certainly good for the digestive system maintain that furthest from constipation were tortured.

Maintaining Bone Health
To maintain bone strength, would require much intake of calcium and vitamin K. Broccoli provides both these minerals so it is good to support bone growth. Moreover, both substances are well suited for maintaining the strength of teeth and lowers the risk of oesteoporosis.

Preventing Cancer
Broccoli is an anti-cancer vegetables to detoxify the body because it contains indoles and isothiocyanates, reducing the risk of breast cancer, bladder, colon, and ovary. You can process the broccoli into baby food with a mixture of horseradish, mustard and wasabi.

Improve Immune
The high content of vitamin C in broccoli good for strengthening the immune system and helps fight infection. The content of phytonutrients and phytochemicals in these vegetables can also help remove toxins from the body so that the little one is not susceptible to colds. By doing so, indirectly, broccoli can protect the fruiting bodies of some diseases dearest on him.

Broccoli processing as baby food is also quite easy because it can be used as a puree or a mixture of rice team. You can find healthy recipes for the little one from the internet or magazines. Well, because the benefits of broccoli very much, do not hesitate to process them into a delicious snack, yes!

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