6 Last Minute Kostum Badut Bandung For Kids

The carnival has arrived! I confess that I even go to Rio to visit the family, but outside the beach, I intend to stay very quiet with the girls. At most a notepad to use the fantasy that Grandma makes every year to prepare and look there. But if you plan to fall in the party, out really make a joke at home and did not have time to take care of the costume, just take a look at this list of 10 last minute costumes for children. The good thing is to involve them in the process of choosing and making the fun, even more fun.

1. Mask

Last year Carol and I decided to prepare carnival masks using a cardboard box. We did a traditional and a different one. Take a look at this post to see our work. Maybe it inspires you? Have this post here too, which teaches you how to make a rabbit mask that gets a little funny.

2. Clown

I found this Jugglingwithkids.com idea of turning a disposable plate and egg box into an improvised kostum badut bandung. You can find more details on how to do it in the original post.

3. Tail of the fox


Already on Theairbowcompany.com website, I found this post that teaches how to make the fox tail in the photo. Great for boys and girls who do not like going out all dressed up, but who can still play pretend. It seems difficult, but just cut and tie tulle bands on a string to get the effect of the photo.

4. Jedi Uniform

This fantasy I showed two weeks ago in the post with ideas of play to do with flaps. Just a piece of fabric and a rope and you can have a super Jedi uniform for boys and girls (is not it the maximum that the main character in the new Star Wars movie is a woman?). The original photo was in a Sheknows.com blog post.

5. Pacman

Can not you think of the ingenuity of parents who look at a cardboard box and see a Pacman kostum badut bandung? This gives a little work to do, but if you have a lively child and you like different fantasies, you can try it. The original post from Beadandcord.com is all in English, but step-by-step photos are self-explanatory.

6. Living Water

In this post from Hative.com, you will find 50 different pictures of different costumes to inspire you. I especially liked the live water from the photo because we have a good excuse to have an accessory that protects from the sun. And it does not seem at all difficult to hang colored ribbons and strips of paper on an umbrella for it to turn out to be a different fantasy.

To finish, I separated 4 more suggestions that I found in a great post from Realsimple.com. Just click on the fantasy name to get the post that shows more details of how to do.

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