A House That Uses The Simplicity As A Secret Weapon

A House That Uses The Simplicity As A Secret Weapon

Today is a different project than usual. In fact, this is not a renovation, like many others, nor a common recovery, rather it is an act of love towards the past, a fitting reminder of history to whom everything is due, especially if you are bearers of a relevant cultural background. You do not believe it is a noble house, a place of prestige or of worship. The property which we present, in fact, was nothing but a campidanese house situated in the historic center of Serramanna, Sardinia. Its restoration, the work of the experts of the Study of Architecture Ortu and Pill Associates, has been published as an example of good practice in the Manuals of the Recovery of Historic Places Sardinia wanted by the Region of Sardinia, as technical aid in the protection of historic centers all ‘ inside of the Regional Landscape Plan.

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A rural residence …

The peculiarity of this kind of construction lies mainly in the structuring of the walls, realized with the use of bricks of ladiri, or raw land, arranged so as to be staggered with respect to those of the preceding and subsequent rows. In this way the wall appeared solid and compact http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-cilandak-jakarta-selatan-new. The bricks were connected to each other thanks to the clay mortar, while the plasters were instead made with the same dough with the addition of hay.

In the living classic, then, can not miss a library to use as a focal point or siding, as an exhibitor for books and precious objects, the library can become highly distinctive element. Again, as we see, contemporary elements combine to give a taste of the old.


Warm tones and traditional d├ęcor, attention to detail, these are the main characters of a classic bedroom. The heat is found in particular in the choice of fabrics, colors and strict and plain weave. The wooden floor, accent lighting and color choice decided for the wall, complete the room configuration in the example to read that classic look.

with an interesting history

The house of Oristano is a country house and one of the most interesting structures in the Sardinian popular architectural scene. It takes the body through repetition of traditional schemes with overlays occurred over the centuries has created a very specific architectural structure, functional and pleasant, and which is characterized by the presence of recurring elements

The portal – the entrance to the property;

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