A Kitchen In Pink, Romantic And Feminine

A Kitchen In Pink, Romantic And Feminine

How to decorate a kitchen in pink, romantic and feminine Pink is one of the most beloved colors by women and when used to furnish and decorate the house, is able to give a chic look to the rooms, especially the kitchen! Let us see how to decorate a kitchen with this particular color!

Pink is the perfect color for a kitchen entirely female and is able to make this environment very cozy and comfortable home. Chosen in every shade and hue jual heat pump, it is a very trendy color, young and glamorous, capable of giving a touch of color and joy!

The shades of pink kitchen can be different, so even choose it based on the style you want to give to the environment http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-pasar-minggu-jakarta-selatan. The soft pinks are preferred if you want to give a retro or vintage look to your kitchen. Bets, however, on a garish pink if you want a modern kitchen, glamorous and elegant at the same time. Other shades to choose from are the candy pink or romantic powder pink, perfect with wooden furniture pickled and shabby chic style. Finally, a shocking pink kitchen is perfect for lovers of fluorescent dyes and for those who prefer ultra-modern kitchens.

However, a colorful kitchen should not be to completely force. Pink goes perfectly with white, gray and black, so you can combine it with these colors. Finally, to complete the furnishing of a kitchen in pink you can also choose accessories and declined accessories in this color chairs, pots, lamps, appliances, dishes and everything you need to cook and serve. There are many brands that have declined in pink objects and accessories for the home, among them, Dalani Home that has created a collection of accessories designed just for a kitchen in pink, and Smeg, who designed kitchens and appliances rose in the style of ‘ 50!

Browse the entire photo gallery to find out how to decorate the kitchen in pink!

But now let’s get into the heart of the villa. We start from the living room, an environment that has large windows that overlook the incredible landscape outside. The windows are the main feature of this space, because thanks to their size and create a natural atmosphere full of light that is reflected on the walls and white ceiling.We find ourselves in the dining room, where we can see how the zones with different uses have been carefully separated by precise architectural details

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