A Terrible Apartment ’60s Finally Become Modernissimo

A Terrible Apartment ’60s Finally Become Modernissimo

This project of architects WORKSHOP ARCHETIPO concerns an apartment in Riccione, remained unchanged from the sixties. Over the last decades were not made restructuring operations or furnishing changes, everything was still like the old days. The work to adapt the home to the needs of the property concerned is the distribution aspect of style. Reviewing the masonry structure has been possible to expand the living area and make it more rational and practical internal schema.

A bright and modern living

You see this beautiful living room Who would have thought that until recently reigned here hues bleak and outdated furniture This environment is quite the opposite airy, bright and very welcoming! In this regard http://www.indolexa.com, the floor is always a good idea! Very beautiful lights that illuminate in an indirect way, present and very elegant idea.

Before and after

And finally here is a photo collage that shows the before and after. First the inside appeared heavy, oppressive, too many dark colors juxtaposed without a policy. Bulky furniture and also these dark, as well as from the old and outdated design. And the wallpaper A real nightmare, especially turn to those furnishings!

Have shot down several partitions has certainly significantly improved the situation, it was a great starting point on which to build the new design of the house.

The kitchen

The kitchen has a plant in U, which forms a peninsula, so it really is the ultimate in functionality. Again, these lights are a crucial element, form a linear path very well established, quite a modern twist! The furnishings are of great interest essential, geometric and an elegant gray. They were made a series of choices to boost the maximum linearity undermount sink, the induction cooker and groove doors, instead of the handle. The induction, among other things, is also an excellent choice for safety, as well as for daily maintenance.

The details

This apartment is full of details that make it home. To begin with, the unshaded lamp – an industrial touch – with the thread turned over and held by a spring clip, really delicious idea! Also written on the wall, giving a lively and playful tone, very beautiful!

The sofa

The sofa is very inviting, with a main block completed by a small backrest and plenty of pillows, as you often see in modern style. The set of cushions and wide seat make it very inviting. In the background we see the dining area, a natural continuation of the kitchen, with its clean lines and its strong geometry. And over the couch back the theme of the play of light, with a beautiful white LED light beam, installed in the ceiling throat, truly remarkable!

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