Action Camera News And Information About Models

Action Camera News And Information About Models

The world of sports video cameras, also known as action camera, it has become increasingly important with a very broad and for all budgets. On the back you can see reviews of the best cameras around sports, to understand its strengths and weaknesses, but above all, to figure out which camera to sports is more suited to our needs.

Surely, everyone knows the legendary GoPro, a cam action of the most common and most used, thanks to a huge media coverage, and good quality is definitely a point of reference for comparison of features and price Although this model is in view, of course , there is only the GoPro, but in fact there are a number on the market action camera in circulation that are just as valid, and especially in several cases by very low cost.
Models of Action Room

We start from the action cam compact and ultra-light, which can also be mounted on drones as the low weight does not affect the aerodynamics of the multicopter, or even useful to still be brought to mobility for hiking, picnics or just walking.

This type of camcorders sports are different models, from the economic from 50 € up to professional ones, can take pictures and video on the move with many frames per second for slow motion quality, and with a resolution up to 4k.

No shortage of models for scuba diving, with housings able to guarantee excellent shooting up to 100mt of depth, other action cam instead, in addition to being full HD or 4K have lenses angled broad spectrum, able to shoot stunning even in extreme conditions.
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In addition to the infamous GoPro, which we mentioned earlier, some of the cameras sporting noteworthy were certainly also produced by Sony and Polaroid, which they put on the market their action cam compact, with excellent technical features and affordable price. Polaroid for example stunned the market with its flagship model Polaroid XS100, while Sony just months ago were presented some models that integrate the new technology EXMOR RS company, we can greatly improve image quality.

Besides these changes then we should not forget the Chinese houses, mostly unknown brand, which became in effect the main competitors of the major brands on the market, thanks to the price compact and their characteristics of all respect. For more details on the action cam please visit the specialized site.

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