Advantages, disadvantages and How to Take Care of Motor Matic


Matic does look much simpler than the motor manually when used. Because the motor has no matic transmission as well as contained in the motor manual. So matic just set the same gas braking without having to pass-ngoper teeth. Matic also convenient to use in crowded streets sewa videotron because it has a short wheelbase. This makes things more agile motor matic. Obviously this is an excess of motor matic.

Because Matic has the advantage, of course, motor matic also has shortcomings. Deficiency is the most prominent of the consumption of fuel. Of the various tests performed, the motor manual 10% more economical than the motor matic. In general, the motor manual has better acceleration than the motor matic. This is because the motor manual gearbox is lighter and there is a torque converter that consumes the majority of the torque produced by the engine. In the machine level, motor matic also often assumed to have a lower level than the motor manual. This is because the motor matic transmission system uses a more complicated thus increasing the risk of system failure. tire circumference smaller also makes the motor matic was hard to get through the bumpy road.

matic transmission and manualtransmisi matic and manual

From the above review, I infer that the motor and the motor matic manual equally motor is used. Therefore, in order to be more durable motor matic, we must take care to keep comfortable during use.

maticmesin motor engine motor matic

Some ways of treating machines matic:

– Always warm up the engine before use
– Service on a regular basis and always check the oil
– Pay attention to the things that seems pretty trivial but actually vital.
Trifles here eg V-belt, Roller, valve or other.
– Change oil regularly Shok
– Wash with fresh water
– Use original spare parts.

A few of my review of the motor matic. For those of you who have motor matic, please try yes. , ,

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