Actually, almost all houses have the potential of being flooded, wherever the place definitely has the risk of flooding. Even in the highlands though certainly there are risks, but with a limited level of flood attack. So there is no harm in making anti-flood home design, in order to better prepare for future floods.

The principle for making anti-flood home does not mean that can withstand flooding, but more prepared to deal with flooding. Because after the flood has a power that is difficult to measure and can not be overcome by any structure. Flood flow should not be opposed, but diverted, this is the main principle.

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So the anti-flood home design, the bottom or ground floor should be clean of household appliances. But not to be empty, the bottom or ground floor can be used as a backup. For example for the car park, or place the tools that do not have the risk of flooding.

All his daily life will be centered on the top floor, where it will be safe from the brunt of floods. If flooding occurs linger, then daily life would continue to run upstairs. So here the manufacture of building structures will be prioritized on the upper floor.

Starting from the living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom and toilet will be on the top floor. So call sacrificing room on the ground floor in the face of flooding. Yet during the flood, the ground floor is usually can not be used anymore.

Precisely ground floor must be prepared so that when exposed to floods, this room is easily cleaned and water ngendon not long enough in the house. Here the importance of the design of the downstairs ready to cope with floods. The position of the floor to be very important, especially the slope of the floor so that water can easily ebb or flow out.

Also there are no obstructions flow of water in the bottom floor, the walls on the ground floor structure should be easily traversed by flood waters. The solution can indeed be made a kind of door which can be opened up or can also with a static structure with holes. It must be adjusted to the strength of the building structure.

Here is important in laying the structural strength of the building or across the house at the corner of the house. So his strength was made at each corner, is not evenly distributed in the walls of the room. Indeed, in this case, every corner of the room must have a strong structure, minimal as cast concrete, to protest the building of the brunt of floods.

Technical design of the house is indeed anti-flood will be better prepared to cope with floods. So much easier than under current clean the room after the flooding, is also quite safe when floods hit, as all activities are on the top floor. If flooded enough to remain comfortable lamapun activities as usual.

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