Apple heads the 5G for the coming iPhone

apple iphone 5G

Apple also began to become interested in 5G networks. The site Business Insider came into possession of a document submitted by Apple to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) which requires permission to start the first tests for this technology. In particular, the Cupertino giant, which launched a new campaign to push Android users to upgrade to iOS , is interested to experience the efficiency of cellular connections in areas of direct and multidirectional connections, stations, base stations and receivers. The tests should take place between the cities of Milpitas and Cupertino for a period of one year. Maybe Nokia could also make a contribution after the ‘ strict accordance with Apple that put an end to a patent litigation.

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Apple’s interest in 5G should not be designed to provide network services such as does Google with its Project Fi . It ‘s more likely that Apple will use these tests to design new chipset compatible for this technology, and that will be integrated in the next iPhone models. The confirmation comes from the same document that is currently being considered by the FCC in which it is stated that the Cupertino giant will focus on the 10 GB / s using the frequencies at 28 and 39 GHz. It just so happens that they are the same already used by several US providers such as aT & T, Verizion, Sprint and T-Mobile for their own tests on 5G. There are many companies to have adopted the latest generation networks ultimarne development but it is likely that users will not use them before 2020.

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