Asunción, shopping, culture and taste

The capital of Paraguay attracts a good price, but the tour offers continue. Markets, special streets and new gastronomic rooms enter the city.

Driven by a shopping boom, many Argentine citizens descend on Asunción to visit four malls that offer international branded goods at very good prices. However, once you get there, other attractions caught your attention.

The warm temperatures – and sometimes very tiring for the time – announce that we are in the spring. It shows a yellow color where the streets begin to dress, because this is the season where lapakos develop. He looks strange; especially in the highest districts, where the original pavement is maintained with the same asuncenos decision. This is due, on the one hand, to the fact that they prefer to mark the transit of cars at a slower pace to a quiet life and, on the other hand, sidewalks help the rapid flow of water during rainy days.

Between crafts and ateliers

Asuncion is a generous city with its tourism offerings. It proposes and retains its original nature, such as a visit to a market where it mixes with fresh produce. Tempat wisata murah. In the market along the Palma street, in the heart of the city, many indigenous people show their work on the sidewalks, conquering tourists for a good price. Leather wallets (from $ 500), wallets of different sizes (from $ 100), classic braided bracelets or the fabulous Paraguayan hammock we crave for gardens are available.

Another alternative is to find cultural pearls, such as the Museum of Mud or History Museum, where it is possible to visualize the passage of time through various rooms and exhibitions.

Within this framework, the new trend in guided tours comes from several local professionals who offer themed tours. This is the case of Luis “Tiro” Castillo with his proposal Urban Trip, whose strong point is to accompany tourists to places that have a special interest in some art or historical point. In one of these tours, artist studio Michael Burt visited, one of Paraguay’s most important cultural references. There, Burt shares with travelers the story of his life story and the intimacy of his work.

good luck

The city is developing a gastronomic offer and its show is the Villa Morra zone, located in the famous Recoleta area. This is one of the poles with greater growth in recent years, not only in the number of facets but also in the various kitchens.

There are restaurants like La Cabrera, La Bourgogne or Sipan, which are branches of the countries established in Argentina; and others who choose to save genuine food and put it into value in a local region letter, such as Pozo Colorado. In the hands of chef Rodolfo Angenscheidt, this establishment claims authentic gastronomy through grilled meat typical of Paraguay, with pieces from the area. Everything is inspired by tradition, from the decoration of the place (murals made with various types of seeds) to the equipment.

Another step that comes to stay is the hotel terrace which proposes afters with drinks and music bar at sunset to reflect on the city from its vantage point, just like the Sheraton Hotel Asuncion.

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