Avian influenza Killing of 31,000 animals

Avian influenza

Once again, in a Lower Saxony mute barn, the suspicion that animals have infected with avian influenza. In the operation with about 13,000 turkeys as well as 18,000 penguins in Friesoythe the poultry pester H5 was discovered, the district Cloppenburg announced on Sunday. The final test result of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute is still outstanding. The killing of all the animals of the herd is already being prepared.

There is the suspicion that it is the high-infected H5N8 virus. A barrier zone with a radius of three kilometers would be set up for the operation. A so-called observation area is located within a radius of ten kilometers around the farm. In the restricted area there are 21 poultry farms with about 460,000 animals. For humans, the virus is considered harmless.

The company is located in an existing restricted area, the last was a plant in Friesoythe at the beginning of February. At that time, the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut had confirmed the suspicion in the district of Cloppenburg. It was in the case of a sickle detected in a turkeys around the high-infected virus H5N8. The 9,500 animals of the stock were killed. In the course of the current bird flu wave 16 H5N8 cases were counted in Lower Saxony stalls, especially in turkeys. For humans, the virus is considered harmless.

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