Baby Oil for Beauty

Baby Oil for Beauty

Baby oil usually consists of 98% mineral oil and 2% aroma. If fragrances irritate you, there is always the option to go to the gastrointestinal section of the local pharmacy and choose 100% mineral oil.

It’s odor-free, but thicker than baby oil due to tocopherol additives. Being mineral oil is not good to put on the face as a moisturizer because it can cause acne breakouts, in this case it is best to use vegetable oil that does not clog pores.

baby oil is not only useful for babies, but also can be used for beauty. Here are some benefits of baby oil for beauty

1. I never buy cuticle oil in my life. Every time I give myself a manicure, I use baby oil to give my hands a deep massage.

2. Use baby oil to tame the eyebrows. Natural beauty. Simply lubricate eyebrow brushes with oil before grabbing a bit of color with it and then use this to tame your eyebrows if they tend to be sown, then nourish and grow them.

3. Use your brush or comb that is moistened with baby oil to tame your curly hair. Never use oil directly on your hair as this can taint it.

4. Method of cleaning oil. I have been using the oil cleaning method for a while, and I can not imagine going back to my previous routine.

Because it is not a comedogenic baby oil commonly used as the basis of most cleansers. You can add other oils depending on your skin needs to create a custom mix. Simply apply a little oil on the cheek, forehead, nose and chin, then massage gently into a small circle. And clean it clean with a clean warm cloth.

5. To shave. Forget the expensive shaving cream, all you need is baby oil. Simply apply a little baby oil to your feet and choose normal shaving. After shaving you do not need to apply moisturizer because baby oil emigrate.

6. Conditioning and cleaning the makeup brush. About two weeks, I cleaned and stretched my makeup brush with baby oil. However, your brush should be conditioned, especially if made of natural hair. Baby oil is the perfect product for this.

To clean and condition, apply a few drops of baby oil on the palm of your hand and shake your brush. Rinse with lukewarm water, press gently and then let it dry.

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