Beautiful Hidden Spots In The Mandatory Baturaden Area

Yogyakarta and Semarang are two famous cities among tourists as favorite tourist destinations in Central Java. Both cities are attached to cultural tourism and historic sites of interest to visit.

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If you are visiting East Java, do not forget to visit Purwokerto, Central Java. Because in this city there are many very interesting natural tourist area. In addition, natural attractions have a view or a very beautiful view. One of the most interesting tourist attraction in Purwokerto is Baturaden Tour. This natural tourist attraction has a very cool air and also a very beautiful landscape that can captivate the eyes of visitors who come here with a Sewa Bus Pariwisata.

The baturaden tourist attraction is the most prominent place in the province of Central Java or about 14 KM from the north of Purwokerto, Baturaden is located on the slopes of Mount Slamet which has a height of 650 meters above sea level, so naturally, if the air in this tourist spot is very cool. Your eyes are also spoiled with the towering tall trees so that the beauty of the Almighty’s creation is extraordinary. Enjoying the cool air, wandering through the lush gardens, wandering through the pine forest, enjoying the hot springs, pampering yourself in the swimming pool is a collection of activities you may experience in this baturaden tour.

This time will be distributed some tourist attractions in the area of ​​Baturaden, one of the beautiful tourist in Indonesia, please be listened to ya.


Eits, apparently in addition to these two cities, Central Java also has other interesting tourist locations to visit. The location is Baturaden. Baturaden is one of 27 districts in Banyumas.


Baturaden is a tourist resort offering panoramic waterfalls, mini-train, paddle boats, and swimming pool. The name Baturaden is derived from a legend about a pair of unlucky lover, a servant man (Batur) and a noble lady (Raden).


Baturaden tourist location is located south of the slopes of Mount Slamet, Banyumas regency, Central Java, approximately 640 meters above sea level and 6 km from the summit of Mount Slamet, about 14 km from the northern city of Purwokerto.


Baturaden tourist sites can be accessed using a private vehicle or it could be with public transportation. For those of you who want to access this location by public transportation can ride public transportation (angkot) from Purwokerto terminal with Baturaden department. Then get off at the Baturaden lokawisata terminal.

If you want more practical and free then can use private vehicles, rent a car or use a taxi. With a distance of about 15 km from downtown Purwokerto, you only need about 15 minutes if the streets are not solid. You should be careful if you decide to use a private vehicle because of many roads uphill with a level of about 30 degrees slope.

Interesting location in Baturaden
Tour of Baturaden
Tour of Baturaden

Because it is located on the slopes of Mount Slamet, Baturaden has a cool air so that on a holiday or weekend, this place is visited by many visitors. The number of tourists who come to make the parties provide facilities such as hotels, inns, and camping ground.


1. Pitu Shower and Baturaden Telu Shower

Pitu Shower and Telu Baturaden Shower is a hot water bath containing sulfur. This hot water bath is believed to help cure various diseases. The temperature of the water in the Pitu Shower Bath and Telu Shower ranges from 60 to 70 degrees Celsius.

These two showers are one of Baturaden’s most popular and most famous tourist sites. In addition to a hot tub while enjoying the scenery of the mountains are green, you can also try a sulfur massage at the price of 7,500 Rupiah every 15 minutes. The hot springs here are also believed to help cure skin diseases.

2. Silent Lake

Telaga Sunyi is located in the tourist center of Baturaden. The silent lake is a very clear spring. The water here is also very cool and fresh. Unfortunately, if you visit this lake, you are forbidden to swim or bathe. This ban is enforced as a form of safeguarding the safety of the visiting tourists.

3. Campsite

In addition to thermal baths and lakes, in Baturaden there is also a campground or camping ground which is usually used as a place for outbound. In 2001, the camping ground was once the location of the National Scout Movement National Jamboree.

4. Kaloka Widya Mandala

Kaloka Widya Mandala is a zoo that is also used as a place of education tourism. This tourist spot was inaugurated by the Regent of Banyumas H. Djoko Sudantoko II on 17 May 1995.

In Kaloka Widya Mandala there are a variety of animal species that come from inside and outside the country. Some of the species of animals that exist in this park include orangutans, hawks, Kate chickens, pearls, deer, bears, crocodiles, snakes, kaswari, cattle, footballs, iguanas, cendrawasih, bats, elephants, monkeys, And some other rare animals.

5. Natural Theater of Baturaden


This Nature Theater is one of the most interesting tourist sites in Baturaden because it is a cinema-shaped theater. Garuda Indonesia Foxer 28 aircraft that stands on 600 meters of land, right next to the entrance of this lokawisata.

This cinema does not show Hollywood movies or widescreen films, but movies about the nature and culture of Indonesian homelands such as tsunami tragedy film, TMII cultural story, or the events of Mount Merapi. The duration of the movie in this theater is about 10 to 15 minutes.

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