Beauty Gym, The Best Products To Use Before And After Sport

Beauty Gym, The Best Products To Use Before And After Sport

Beauty gym, the best products to use before, during and after training. I must have that can not miss in your bag when you go to the gym.

When summer comes, we tend to put on standby most of our lives, waiting anxiously for the holidays can unplug the machine. Then there are those who despite the holidays, the holidays and the life that flows back slowly, continues to follow the same time pressure even while continuing to train to avoid to lose anything of the progress carried out with sacrifice. It is winter, summer, or that you train with the cool breeze of autumn is what definitely should not miss in your beauty case gym, a relatively short list of specific products

In your gym bag should first be absolutely wipes cleansing, unless you use waterproof makeup. Then undoubtedly a shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, possibly even a scrub, and finally a moisturizer for the body.

But there who brings in the gym of specific products designed to make up for the training, such as slimming creams to be applied on the strengths, usually it thighs and buttocks, ideal for intensifying the effects of the treadmill, or alternatively a Oil elasticity, or a cream gel for tired legs, used especially by those who tend to have poor blood circulation.

Do not forget that even the body parts that do not work in the gym need the right hydration, then equip yourself with moisturizers for the face and lips and a few drops of perfume for a fresh and fragrant when you leave the gym.

Also for the eyes exist of primers, some may also be prepared at home. After you’ve applied and allowed to dry, fixing his eyes with eye shadow, preferably powder, applying the end pencil and waterproof mascara. For the lips, do this Apply the concealer, then a layer of powder, then the pencil, then the lipstick. Review the face powder and lipstick again, for extra durability.

The finishing touches are essential for the life of make-up; you bring pencil, mascara, lipstick and pressed powder and, from time to time, apply it in the T-zone (ie forehead, nose and chin). If you have to go out again, do not remove the previous trick to apply make-up again, the base would not join to the skin and the result would be bad. Rather, again, to retouch the makeup in the morning, like this mineral water sprayed at room temperature on the face; applied very little liquid foundation on the brush and pass it on the face, passing with care and without fear even to blush and concealer; did this, roll back the powder, eye shadow, mascara, pencil and lipstick, as make-up in the morning.

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