Benefits and Efficacy of Halba Seeds for Health

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Halba seed is another name for fenugreek. The color of this seed is light brown with a shape that resembles candy. The halba seed is better known as the ingredients of curry seasoning for the people in India as well as parts of Malaysia. Typical flavor and aroma is perfect for different types of curries. In addition, these seeds are also often used as medicine to cope with various types of diseases in the body and make your body becomes healthier.

Halba seeds contain some healthful ingredients, namely protein, iron, water, calcium, phosphorus, and carbohydrates. Benefits of this seed for your health more often packed in the form of powder or capsule for easy to consume the body. You can also use the halba seed directly as an addition to eating other healthy foods such as honey. This seed is also recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers because the benefits are large enough for the fetus.

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In order not to misunderstand the benefits and efficacy of halba seeds, we give you a detailed explanation of some of the uses of these beans for your health. Here is the information.
1. Good for bone

The benefits of the first halba seed is able to maintain bone health in your body. This unique seed contains good calcium for bone. Your bones will be stronger without the presence of bone loss disease such as osteoporosis.
2. Healthy teeth

Efficacy of the next halba seed is able to become a source of food that nourish your teeth. Not only good for bones, the seeds rich in vitamins and minerals will protect your dental health from the danger of germs and bacteria.
3. Anti anemia

The benefits of halba seeds are also great for being an anti anemic food. These seeds contain iron that can increase the production of red blood cells in the body so that anemia disease will not appear in your body and interfere with health.
4. Enhancer

Efficacy of halba seeds is also beneficial to provide additional energy to your body. If you have a lot of solid activities, you can consume this seed every morning before the move so as not easy to lack of stamina.
5. Overcoming dehydration

The benefits of halba seeds are very well used in order to overcome the symptoms of dehydration. Water content in this seed will provide adequate water intake to your body so as to prevent the occurrence of dehydration in the body.
6. Lowering cholesterol

Are you among those with high cholesterol in your body? It’s good you eat halba seeds. This seed is useful in lowering the bad cholesterol levels in the body so as to prevent the occurrence of disease.
7. Overcoming ulcers on the skin

Who would have thought if the halba seeds can also be used to overcome the ulcers in your skin. This seed can be a natural outdoor remedy that will accelerate the maturation of ulcers so that it can quickly heal without damaging the skin tissue.
8. Light burns

The use of halba seeds can also be a remedy to cope with minor burns that attack your skin. These seeds can help accelerate skin regeneration so as to make burns on the skin quickly mongering and closing back.
9. Overcoming eczema

Eczema is a fairly serious skin disease. If you experience this one disease, you are advised to consume halba seeds regularly. These healthy seeds have healthy benefits in treating eczema.
10. Heal the panu, kadas, ringworm

Skin diseases caused by the fungus you can heal with halba seeds. The natural content in these seeds contains anti-fungal function that can be used as a remedy for fungi causing ringworm, rhinor, and tinea versicolor.

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