Benefits of Broccoli

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For the health benefits of broccoli – Broccoli is one of the types of vegetables that have a characteristic fresh green color and has a shape similar to cauliflower. Many benefits of broccoli are still included in the group of plants of vegetables in the category of cabbage, with a characteristic set of flowers that make up the mob. Broccoli is known by the scientific name Brassica oleracea var. Broccoli has a wide variety of designations, such as brocoli (UK), chou broccoli (France), which ye hua chai (China), brokkoli (Germany), and so on. Broccoli is a vegetable that is rich in nutrients. Here tabet nutritional content of broccoli per 100 grams of material. How nutrients are found in broccoli contains, among others, protein, vitamin B, vitamin C, fiber, and a variety of minerals such as iron, calcium, and selenium. Broccoli also has many functions that healthy for the body, which is as follows

Sulforaphane, Heart Attack Prevention
The study states, that broccoli is very efficient to prevent heart attacks and strokes, chemical substances contained in broccoli (sulforaphane) serves to strengthen the immune system in humans to prevent clogging arteri.Tanaman other vegetables such as cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage also contains a chemical this, but in between it Brokolifah vegetables that contain the highest. Useful content is very much like Pro Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Sulforaphane, Carotenoids, Calcium and Iron in which all content is greatly needed by our body to perform daily activities.

Bekarotin on Broccoli, Cancer Prevention
Eliminating substances that can cause cancer. Substances cause of cancer can be removed using an antioxidant which is owned by vegetables, broccoli, namely Sulforaphane. Other substances contained in broccoli is Bekarotin that can prevent women and colon cancer in humans, and also can eliminate the substances causes lung cancer, stomach, uterus, and other cancers suffered.

Vitamins, Prevention of Skin Diseases
brokoliBrokoli benefit rich in vitamin thus very beneficial for the skin. Vitamin C, beta-carotene and vitamin B complex in broccoli makes your skin more bright and shining. Vitamin E which makes the skin more lustrous also help the process peremajaannya, obtained by eating broccoli. Other nutrients that make the skin more smooth and sheen are vitamins A, K, amino acids, folate and Omega 3 can also be obtained from broccoli

How to prepare Broccoli
At the time of choosing broccoli, note the color of the bud shoots. If the color is blue or purple means broccoli contains high concentrations of vitamin C and other nutrients. In addition, avoid broccoli buds or shoots pale yellow. Broccoli can be eaten raw or already processed. If a bro-coli climasak it will reduce the amount of nutrients found in broccoli. Before consumption, cud broccoli in cold tap water. Never soak the broccoli in water because it will mengu-reduced levels of nutrients. Fresh broccoli is very tasty when cooked first served basis and raw.

Cooking broccoli too ripe can make a very strong sulfur. Steam the broccoli for 3-4 minutes or boiled approximately 1 inch above the boiling water in a more or less the same as above. When cooked broccoli, keep the colors remain bright green. Terialu mature broccoli cooking will make the broccoli into a blackish green and eliminate the levels of nutrients, especially vitamin C. In addition, we also can make frozen broccoli that tebih durable and fresh. However, first clean the broccoli in boiling water to reduce the enzyme’s active ingredient that can cause broccoli be hard and reduced nutrition when frozen.

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