Benefits of Turmeric And Tamarind For Traditional Medicines Chickenpox  

Chickenpox is a disease that attacks the skin. The disease is caused by the virus Herpes Zoster Varicella-. This disease is also an infectious disease by means of transmission through physical contact or indirectly. This disease is not a dangerous disease for ordinary people, but be lethal for cancer patients. This is due, weakening the immune system of cancer patients who are not able to fight the virus. Currently, smallpox easily treated with many antibiotics. However, it would not hurt if you try traditional medicine chickenpox.

Traditional medicine for the treatment of chicken pox in

Chickenpox is characterized by the appearance of red rashes on the skin can be cured with pengobatana both from inside and outside. Treatment of in order to kill the virus that develops while the exterior treatment is intended to remove stains chickenpox. The following will try to share recipes of traditional medicine for the treatment of chicken pox in, namely:


The first recipe, ingredients needed are:

30 grams of ginger
25 grams kencur
15 grams of tamarind
15 grams of ginger cut into pieces
600 cc of water
How to process them is


Boil all ingredients that have been available to the boil
Then let the water remaining 300 cc
Strain the cooking water and drink as much as 2-3 times a day
The second recipe is to use noni fruit juice made or can be shredded and taken the water is then drunk to patients.

Traditional medicine for the treatment of defective water outside

If smallpox had been cured, then that makes patients like upset is the fact of having stains are difficult to remove. It is necessary for external treatment to eliminate acne blemishes. Here are two recipes for traditional medicine chickenpox from outside, namely:

The first recipe, ingredient-materials required are turmeric and tamarind are finely ground. How to make is by mixing the ingredients available with coconut oil and then heated briefly. If it is cold, then applied to the whole body, especially on the part exposed to chicken pox. The second recipe, the ingredients required are tamarind leaves and turmeric. How to make it to wash all the ingredients and pulverized and then applied to the skin that is exposed to smallpox alone.

In addition to the recipes, there are also other prescription is to utilize the leaves ciplukan. With a shower 2 times a day on a regular basis with the water decoction of the leaves of this ciplukan, your skin will be smooth return to normal.

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