It turned out that three of his excess on the side of spiritual intelligence (SQ), but the question here is not religious spiritual in the sense six official religions recognized by the government of Indonesia. Because when we talk religion (Theology), we still fragmented at the dimensions of each religion (Theology) is. So when we speak of religion (Theology) Islam, they automatically that no religion (Theology) Islam certainly less (not) able to receive, and vice versa.

Theology: Theo means God, logy means science. Theology means the science of God or science toward God and this could also be presented during the religion.
Spiritual: meaning of the word Spirit, Soul, Spirit or Life.

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While that is spiritual in this study is “Power On”, so that meant spiritual intelligence (SQ) here is intelligence “Power On”. While God is the “Supreme Life” also is universal, while the “Power On” and the “Glory of Life” are both non-physical (immaterial), making it possible to communicate, rather than when the physical (material) with a non-physical (immaterial ) is the ratio of the taste is very difficult to communicate.

As the human body is the physical (material), but the actual man also has something non-physical (immaterial) that “Power On” and the Javanese call “Pancakumara”. What is intelligence, “Power On” can be learned by every human being who embrace different religions (Theology) or trust. So that when the intelligence of the “Power of Reason” (IQ) man is unable to solve a problem, usually people will use the capabilities or intelligence “Power Sense” (EQ) to solve these problems.Therefore, these days many of us try to study the ability of the “Power Sense” (EQ) and there were improved on

ESQ or “True Taste Power” or “Caturkumara”. But consciously or not actual ability or intelligence “Power Sense” (EQ and ESQ) sometimes had a negative effect.Because however good in human nature either individually or in groups, not necessarily felt good anyway by individuals or other groups, and not necessarily well aligned with other natural elements. Therefore expected intelligence “Power On” (SQ) which will appear giving guidance solution of this problem when the “Power of Reason” (IQ) and “Power Sense” (EQ and ESQ) man is no longer able to solve the problem.

As well as events on the island Simeleu, Mount Semeru and Mount Merapi performed by him three. Expected later when a disaster will happen when we are able to predict in advance, so that we can take steps in anticipation. At least we can reduce the amount of losses and the number of casualties if disaster we can not avoid due to the dynamic nature. Methods and intelligence training “Power On” very rational and “Without Prayer, Without

Charm”, so that it can be done or learned by anyone, inter-ethnic, inter-religious (Theology), cross-gender, so it is very universal. Intelligence “Power On” (SQ) at a certain level will be reached at the level of the so-called intelligence “True Power On” or “Holy Spirit Quiescence” (HSQ). But if, Indigenous Elders Simeleu island, Mbah Marijan Dipo and master this science. Although we never met him, particularly Mbah Dipo and Mbah Marijan, but if the Indigenous Elders Simeleu island we have never met, just never knew about him from mediamasa while after the tsunami in Aceh yesterday. Wallahualam.

Ahead of the new year 1 Suro 1939 Java (January 2006) Sutrimo MP, chairman of the foundation “racket Prasaja” when speaking in front of the citizens “racket Prasaja” se Malang, as well as dialogue in a variety of electronic media (radio TT 77, Radio Andalus, radio Kanjuruhan RRI Protiga and JTV) accidentally when he spoke, “be careful, later between 5 months and 6 months there will be something great in this country”.

So when Saturday, May 27, 2006 an earthquake in Yogyakarta, Sunday, May 28 2006 pack Leres of JTV call, so Sutrimo talk about the earthquake in JTV day Monday, May 29, 2006 and returning from JTV (Surabaya) to Malang happen mudflow gas (Hydrogen Sulfanida) in Sidoarjo. Regarding this matter, whether related by coincidence Sutrimo who find intelligence training method “Power On” or simply by accident, Wallahualam.


In Fiber Pamasa Aji told, when Mount Wilis will erupt (thousands of years). The fibers are also in writing, that the disastrous events in conjunction with the separation of the island of Madura Java. King Kusumawicitra move kingdom is the kingdom Mamenang (not Kediri) to Pengging area. In an area that is considered safe, King Kusumawicitra establish a new kingdom named Witaradya kingdom. If only step taken Kusumawicitra King is also done by the government, must have been casualties on the tsunami and the earthquake in Yogyakarta can be minimized.

In Fiber Aji Pamasa Canto LIV (Durma), at 14 is written:
“Autumn angganing arga gurnita gora, thunder anggeteri, oter tanpantara, the Arya Wirabaya, mangu ngungun tyas ing bead, nanging Sinamar, tan kawistara wiwrin”.
Free meaning:

volcano erupts very scary loud voice, the earth trembled (earthquakes) There’s nothing like a pause (stop), the Arya Wirabaya give direction astonishing heart but very effective, though could be camouflaged eerie atmosphere without being seen.

When examined from a variety of posts in the Ajipamasa Fiber seems to be inferred, if the disaster is very powerful to Madura island separated from the island of Java that was formerly trailer.
Here it seems the Government must learn what was done by the King Kusumawicitra written on the Ajipamasa fibers, namely by forming Task Force “Wirabaya” in all districts in Indonesia, especially in disaster prone points. Wira means brave, patriot and Baya meant danger or disaster.

Wirabaya means brave warrior and patriot spirit in the face of danger or any disaster.In the face of danger or disaster Wirabaya Task Force should be able to provide effective direction to the community a lot, although felt surprising or strange. To save costs the Government can recruit from a wide range of existing Task Force, such as: SAR, BMG, BPPTK, Satkorlak, as well as others.

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