Caring for Dogs Allowed

Having a pet is great fun, especially when we’re having spare time and do not know what to  what we can play happily together with our pets. Especially dogs, now many Indonesian people who have pet dogs, sometimes they are not only maintained only as a pet dog alone but they also regard the dog as a companion in leisure time and as a housekeeper. But there are still many of those who do not understand how you can take care of their pet dog, 

The following will describe some tips for caring for pets, especially dogs to keep them healthy and clean;

1. If we have a pet dog, our pet dog should be bathed at least once dala tidaak week. memandika it is not too difficult. sufficiently doused with water and we meberikannya special dog shampoo that matches their skin condition and prevent the loss of her fur.

2. It is the recommended for those of you who keep dogs that regularly take your dog to the vet. besides to check their health, dogs generally also require vaccinations to avoid diseases such as for example rabies virus.

3. Get used to invite your pet dog at least once a day, so that the dog can feel affection Adnda owner-serig apabia often get sentuha of their owners.

4. If you have more funds was nothing wrong to bring your dog to the hairdresser once 1bulan dog / pet store so that your dog can undergo treatments such as nail clippers or sweeping fur is already long.

5. Provide a special toy for the dog as a toy bone or ball. Pet toys that will accompany us at a time when she felt lonely or are we going or are not at home.

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