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Further News Europe’s largest active volcano erupts

The largest active volcano eruption in Europe led to 10 people were injured, including

Largest Active Volcano erupts in Europe

Mount Etna, the largest volcano in Europe, in Italy erupted for the second time

Nepal Earthquake: Why do some vibration can be deadly?

The earthquake in Chile was not widely discussed media, while disasters in Nepal resulted

Mount Ontake in Japan erupts, 7 Missing Persons

Mount Ontake in Japan erupted, resulting in dozens of mountaineers trapped. Besides seven people


It turned out that three of his excess on the side of spiritual intelligence

Typhoon and how to overcome it

Typhoon Typhoon is a whirl winds with wind speeds of 120 km / h

Earth Rotation: Definition, Process, Impact and Benefits part1

Universe  is the overall shape of the universe. When we hear the word Universe,

Causes of occurrence of Tsunami in Indonesia

Tsunami is the movement of water bodies caused by changes in sea level vertical

Forest fires

Forest fires is one of the causes of forest destruction that have a negative

Examples of Chemical Changes

The chemical changes are changes in substance that produces a new substance with new