Causes Flood and Landslide for Natural and Human Factors

Earthquake preparedness kit – Floods and landslides are already familiar in the community conversation. Both of these natural disasters have often hit regions in Indonesia. These disasters come when the rains come. The arrival of such disasters are very common in our environment and local faraway regions. ensued everywhere due to the two disasters. both in economic and public health.

The impact of flooding

The impact caused floods and landslides are extremely harmful to the economy and the health sector. Public houses and public spaces to life as well as valuable goods owned has drifted waterlogged. Devastated by the arrival of landslides. Beside that, the arrival of floods and landslides that can spread the disease to be suffered by the community. In fact, it can be thousands of deaths.

Where there is a disaster, there must be the cause for the incident. Many factors lead to the occurrence of floods and landslides. In the form of the cause, there are two factors that make floods and landslides came. These two factors namely the factors resulting from human activity itself, and the only factor, the factor resulting from the nature.

The following will explain the factors that cause floods and landslides:

Factors Man-Made

Flooding is apt to occur, we respond to and dependent human role in protecting the environment to avoid flooding and avoid the causes of flooding to work together to take care not to damage the earth due to human activity factor.

Here are factors to human activities that could lead to flooding:

1. Deforestation carelessly

The term is often heard to say deforestation. Forests can serve to absorb and hold water rain drops or puddles that occur in large numbers. If forests are cut or shaved, it will give impact illegal logging as there is nothing to absorb rainwater and rainwater, so that the waters will go down to the river. If the water in large volumes, the river can not accommodate such a large excess of water. so that the water will overflow to the low area that will cause flooding occurs. In addition, as a result of deforestation will make the land become prone to landslides and a disaster for nearby residents.

2. Increase the number of residents 

This can cause ukuruan river becomes narrow and not enough water to accommodate the heavy rain. As a result, the water-overflow water will cause flooding come to the residents. In addition, land located in the population will not be easy to absorb water, so the water was easy to inundate populated areas.

3. The drains are choked

If drains, sewers, ditches and clogged, it will be very easy to overflow into a populated area or on the street. Therefore, the volume of excess water can not be channeled through the channel or gutter clogged that it will be easier on flooding.

4. Dispose of litter

This is one of the causes where N rivers, ditches or trenches are not able to accommodate the volume of water that much. Rivers and ditches become narrow and the current stalled because of rubbish a lot and clog the flow of water in rivers and streams in the gutters and can also be a cause of global warming .

5. Changes in drainage water disposal system

An area that usually does not flood would be flooded if the area surrounding it do anything to change the existing drainage system without an EIA. As elevation lower mass region for the construction of new housing estates, narrowing the waterway for a reconstruction.

6. Land-covered cement, paving and asphalt

This will cause flooding in large volume, for soils that are around the area had been covered with asphalt-built asphalt, paving and cement so that the land is hard and no longer absorbs water coming.

Natural factors

In addition to the human activities that can damage the bowels and give a good impact not terrhadap environment, natural factors mnejadi one of the factors that could cause flooding.

Here is an explanation of the natural factors that can lead to flooding:

1. Heavy rain in a very long time

In the rainy season, when rains continued to arrive and does not stop, then the greater the volume of water and inundating areas that are subject to the heavy rain. this happens because the river water and no longer able to accommodate the volume of water.

2. Earthquake

One of the causes of landslides are earthquake occurrence in the upper atmosphere . The vibe is so strong to make the soil in the area of high landslide and towards housing residents. This will lead to berjatuhannya casualties.

3. Pendangkalan river

This includes the causes of flooding due to erosion upstream. Floods bring material erosion and precipitation in the river, so the river will be shallow. Ford will not be able to hold water in large volumes, so it will overflow and inundate low areas. Therefo

re we must have a way of conserving water .

4. Air tide

Sea experienced ups and downs, which the tide will rise and inundate areas in the vicinity. Sea level from year to year increase in volume and land surface decreases, which results in high tide, coastal areas and areas that are low will be inundated by water, but high tides also have the benefit of the tide for the life of fishermen her life depended on the beach.

5. The rocks are less strong

One result of the occurrence of landslides is the rock in the area is less strong. As a result, a state in the land of increasingly robust and extremely easy to landslides and the erosion of soil that can damage and change the structure of the earth.

6. The slopes are steep

Aside from the rock is less powerful, there is another factor that caused the landslide occurred, the slope is very steep. Land would be highly erosive if the slope is very steep and downhill.

Very predictable if in Indonesia is now easily flooded and landslides. Expected for the public to know the causes and factors of floods and landslides that hit today as well as how to prevent landslides and floods, so that a catastrophic disaster is increasingly reduced and will not often happen in areas that have been subscribed to the floods and landslides.

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