Causes of canker sores in Children

Thrush is not just suffered by adults. Infants aged six months and toddlers can also get canker sores. Usually, canker sores in children attack the lips, tongue, throat or inner cheek. In a baby with sprue, he will be fussy than usual. Plus lazy feedings. The temperature rises, can even reach 40 degrees Celsius. The mouth of an infant is also smelly. Toddlers who canker sores will also experience a fever, though will not be up to 40 degrees Celsius. The cravings of toddlers who canker sores also decreased.

Generally, children sprue for two things. That is because of being bitten and due to excessive mushrooms that live in the mouth.

1. Bitten

This bitten case is commonly experienced by children who chew imperfectly or eat in a hurry. Teach children to chew properly. If the condition of the child is fit, bitten wounds will not be a canker sores. However, if the condition of the body is down, this wound will be canker sores. You can treat it with topical medication. If children do not like to eat, serve soft foods and not too hot. If children need to drink milk, serve with glass. Because drinking milk in a bottle will make canker sores dot and add pain.

2. Mushrooms

Canker sores in children can also be caused by fungus. Under normal conditions, the fungus does live in the mouth, not least in children. But when the child’s body resistance decreases, the fungus will exceed the normal amount. Especially if the child is taking antibiotics. The high number of fungi in the mouth (Candida albican) is what spur thrush in children. Immediately ask for medicine to the doctor to cope with canker sores caused by fungus.

Of the two causes above, then how to prevent canker sores in children is to keep the immune system. Also, make sure their mouth and teeth are clean. Teach children to routinely maintain oral hygiene. Get used to eating enough nutritious and nutritious foods, rich in vitamins C and B12 without excessive doses. You do not need to give vitamin C supplements because high doses will make kidney children work harder than usual. How to get the best source of vitamin C is from fresh fruit such as tomatoes, oranges and strawberries.

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