Mixer signora  – Choosing a Safe Device Type Cooking -Devices cook lots sold there are now a variety of shapes, colors, and materials. Particularly for materials, there is made of metal, ceramic, glass and others .. What’s the difference and which one should we choose? Is there a safer material than other materials?

As a general guideline, choose Sell Cutlery Complete And Cheapest On cookware from quality materials made of thick metal that can withstand temperatures high enough fire.

Thin metal material can lead to heat unevenly, making a quick dish to leave patches burnt charcoal which ultimately makes cookware can not be used again. But, do not also choose a pot that is too heavy also, you know, because you’ll actually hassle because it is difficult to use.

Here is a record of the type of material or material from a common kitchen appliances in use. Select the line with the need to support the best results from your cooking.

The metal type has the advantage of spreading heat well, just that aluminum would be easy to wear, although from an expensive brand. In addition, foods cooked using aluminum pans will change color, such as eggs, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables and wine. If you choose a plain aluminum pans, choose the thick material. Medium to clean, do not use strong soap or yangmeninggalkan scratches.

Now the aluminum pot sold with the option of an additional layer such as Teflon or other nonstick. Plated aluminum pot does not react to food; quite strong, lightweight and durable.

Copper cooking device of good quality if the type used thick copper material. Only in the absence of a tin coating or anti-stain metal (stainless steel), copper can damage the material cooked dishes, especially dishes with high acid content. Copper utensils should always be taken good care of cleanliness and during use. Select the device that has a layer of stainless steel so it is easy to clean and durable only safe to use any cooking material.

This tool materials do not react to food cooked, always seen getting clean and scratch resistance for a long time. Stainless steel utensils price is also affordable and not difficult to clean. Unfortunately, these tools have a low conductor of heat, automatic for any metal layer is reduced so that the thinner; consequently easy dish burnt, and the heat is also uneven. To overcome this, cook with a lot of oil is the solution. Stainless steel pot with a combination of copper or aluminum coating on the inside can be a solution, and make it a favorite device.

Similar to stainless steel, steel pan too slowly deliver the heat, easily corroded and react in a dish with acid content. If using a steel pan, start by cleaning the steel pan with soap, rinse, and dry. Give ‘layer’ to pour a little vegetable oil before use and then wipe the excess oil with kitchen tissue. Once this is done, the pan is ready for use. Do not forget to also do the same process after completion of use, before being stored.

Answering a shortage of steel pans, porcelain coating is added to the inside of the pan. This additional heat resulting ideal temperature more slowly achieved, but this layer makes the pot more friendly because there is no reaction to the material being cooked. Unfortunately, the enamel layer is quite heavy and crack easily if not properly maintained. To reduce the damage, always use equipment with wood, plastic or silicon to accompany this pot.

Often referred to as pot or container Pyrex (trademark), with a glass material that has been processed so that stable and can withstand high temperatures. Ideally used for cooking in a microwave oven is also oven gas by way of grilling. It should be noted, tooling Pyrex not a good conductor of heat; may be quickly heat but takes longer to make a quick dish was overcooked. Moreover, it is also easy to crack if not used as directed.

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