clean your shoes by using its own equipment

Shoe trees, shoe horns and shoe brush the equipment
Whether clean, maintain or protect without the right equipment it is not running in shoe care. With the suitable tool, you protect the shoes not only when wearing, but also when just me not being worn.


With age skin and shape changing not only for people but also for shoes. Who would like to counteract the process of aging of the shoe use a shoe tree. This ensuresthat the fit of the shoe is maintained and to reduce annoying Gussets in the shoe. Shoe trees offered due to the shoe size.
Buy shoe trees always a size smaller than your actual shoe size. Chosen too high, the shoe is overstretched and therefore ruined. The traditional material is wood, cheaper versions are also made of plastic. However, the cheap plastic variant brings thehuge disadvantage of lack of fit with it, as is for example a leather shoe is not optimally filled, that stretches along the leather at drying and sometimes considerably shrinks risk. Shoe trees made of wood, however, get the fit of the shoes, and at the same time providing a pleasant climate in the shoes. Invest in a more expensive wood worth Variant (approx. 20-€40).
The form of the release varies depending on the material and shape of the shoe. Consult when buying a shoe stretcher, what concerns the form and material, preferablyin the shoe business by skilled personnel.


The shoehorn
The shoehorn prevents kinking of the heel and facilitates the entry into the shoe. The help dress up is there in many different forms and materials. Here, anyone even need to test out what spoon at one even for the best entry provides. Give you shouldnot on the pommel however, because he may extend the expiration date of a shoeat some time and prevent additional unnecessary effort when tightening.


The shoe brush
The mandatory device for cleaning footwear: Whether made of goat or horse hair, Bristly or soft also the shoe brush is available in many different variations. But not every boot brush is suitable for every task and every shoe.


Generally, shoe brushes in three types can be divided:


Dirt brush: The dirt brush is used at every Shoe cleaning first and removes coarse dirt. The bristles will need a firm footing, are hard and thus provide an exemption fromdried mud.
Order brush: As the name suggests, the order brush replaces the cloth while wearing the shoe polish on the shoe. Whether you prefer used a cloth or a brush for applying is any left a better or worse there is no here.
Polishing brush: A high-quality polishing brush is equipped with soft, genuine animal hair (goat hair, for example) and ensures that the shoe Gets the desired shine after cleaning.


Within these three variants of shoe brushes, jual sepatu converse pendek there are other differences, specificallyadapted to the particular shoe materials.
The price of a brush depends on the quality of the bristles. This can made of animal hair, but also of synthetic fibres to be produced. Here goes: If you buy cheap, buy usually twice, because synthetic fibers a regular brushing session in the long run not to join keyword hair loss.
A well made shoe brush made of animal hair costs approximately €30, last but most in a lifetime.
Be careful when purchasing a Schuhbürsteneben of quality also on the convenience clean is only fun when the equipment is pretty handy.


Shoes properly maintain it all depends on the material
When it comes to proper shoe care, applies: shoe is not equal to shoe as a leather skin requires a different care than a fabric skin. Who wants to treat his treads so correctly, watch a Typgerecht care.


Maintain leather shoes
Smooth leather, suede, patent leather leather is not equal to leather. It is clear thatany of this “skin” would be maintained individually.

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