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Each dance piece formulated provides an some other function. Therefore, The type of dance works can also be grouped In accordance with function. Based on the function, an dance piece is actually divided in to three types, namely dance ceremonies, dance entertainment (social dance), in addition to dance performances.
Ceremonial dance is usually a dance piece The item serves as a approach to ceremonies. Entertainment dance can be a dance piece The item serves being a means of entertainment. ones dance show is often a dance piece That serves as being a means of performing.
The role of any dance piece at the context connected with culture are not able to be separated with the perform of dance itself throughout society. whether your own operate connected with dance inside a Private society to be a dance ceremony, indirectly dance in The item acts being a technique of ceremonies.
1. work Ceremony Dance being a way of Religion and also Ceremony
Dance ceremony serves being a means of rituals or perhaps ceremonies conducted
by the public. your current dances tend to be very involved within a number of ceremonies were held. solitary example will be the Pendet dance by Bali.

Pendet often danced by Balinese girls in temples during religious ceremonies. the dancers
bring an bowl regarding flowers as being a symbol connected with offerings dedicated on the gods. Example
the other is really a dance which originated coming from Kalimantan Gantar. Gantar dance presented at the ceremony
custom salvation addressed in order to Dewi Sri. within this ceremony, your current community prayed pertaining to abundant harvests.

2. performs involving Dance as being a way of Entertainment or even association
Dances It serves as being a way of entertainment called dancing entertainment. Dance entertainment called
also interpersonal dance. your dance is actually presented by the aim to be able to entertain your current audience. Theme
dance usually with the form of any expression of joy. the audience are sometimes danced.

Examples dance entertainment, your own dance Tayub regarding Central Java. Tayub dance danced via female dancers called dancer in addition to male dancers called pengibing. Tayub dance is really a dance connected with entertainment that will is shown at the event soon after harvest. the dance entertainment like dance since This happened assimilation between dancers female along with male dancers. your audience am invited to help dance by dancers. Another example taritarian of which serves as a way of entertainment, ones dance bells connected with Borneo, dance Serampang Twelve connected with Sumatra, and also dance Maengket connected with Sulawesi. (dance Ari Subekti)

3. ones perform regarding dance Equally Media Performance
Dance performances that will serves as being a medium called dance performances. Dance performances in order to make individuals to enjoy your current beauties expressed throughout gestures. That’s because dance performances are fully prepared before performed inside front of others.
Dance movement definitely processed mature. your suitability of a supporting elements connected with dance towards the theme of any dance can be also highly considered.

Dance performances in addition acts As assist your own development connected with regional tourism. single example will be the Ramayana ballet dance performances throughout Yogyakarta. Ramayana demonstrated in order to attract tourists in order to come to Yogyakarta. Ramayana ballet performances can be found towards the stage of open as well as closed, regarding example, in the temples involving Prambanan. Also, It can be found within hotels or perhaps restaurants This exist on the area involving ??Yogyakarta.

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