Dangers of Cigarettes for Health

Lots of toxic chemicals are present in a cigarette. If in a day we spend 6 sticks or half a pack is how much poison is sucked? Then the poison accumulated from years of being a smoker, of course this is almost as a result of the dangers of drugs. For that reason, you should know now also some dangerous diseases caused by smoking, as in the description of the dangers of smoking for the health of the body below:

Lung disease

The effects of the first smoker to damage the body organs from cigarette smoke are the lungs. Cigarette smoke is inhaled and into the lungs causing the lungs to have inflammation, bronchitis, pneumonia. Not to mention the danger of nicotine substances that cause damage to cells in the lung organ that can be fatal of lung cancer. The danger of smoking for health is certainly very risky and can cause death. So it’s better before it happens better to quit smoking from now. Is not it better to prevent than to cure? Thus before the occurrence of dangerous diseases should be prevented by quitting smoking.

Impotence and reproductive organs

The effects of smoking hazards for other health can lead to impotence, such cases are already experienced by many smokers. Because the content of chemicals that are toxic can reduce sperm production in men. Not only that, in men can also occur in the testicular cancer. Therefore, before it happens then slowly reduce your cigarette consumption. Especially for adolescents because of the dangerous effects of smoking for adolescent health that can cause the risk of not having offspring. Whereas in women who smoke, the effects of smoking can also reduce the level of female fertility.

Gastric disease

Things that seem trivial when smoking a cigarette is a muscle activity under the esophagus is increasing. Muscles around the lower respiratory tract will slow down slowly so that the digestive process becomes inhibited. Dangers of smoking for health can also be felt up to the stomach, because cigarette smoke that enters the digestive system will cause increased stomach acid. If this is allowed to continue it is not impossible to become more chronic diseases such as stomach ulcers are more difficult to treat. Of course if you already know the risk of this awareness to quit smoking can be higher.

Risk of stroke

In active smokers may suffer a stroke, because the side effects of cigarettes can cause weakening of blood vessels. When such weakening occurs and the work of blocked blood vessels can cause inflammatory attacks in the brain. That’s what could risk a stroke even if the person is not in the background of high blood or other stroke-causing disease. The cause of the stroke is sourced from harmful chemical compounds such as nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and oxidant gases contained in cigarettes. So the danger of smoking for the health of stroke almost 505 occurred in an active smoker.

Therefore, given the dangers of cigarettes that lurk us anytime, then from now on, let’s round the determination of anti to cigarettes. Do not let the victim die from cigarettes more and not until we become one of the victims. So a little paper the dangers of smoking for health may be useful for us all. Do not hesitate and never come back to be a cigarette addict when you can stop smoking. Because sometimes to get rid of the addict struggle very heavy especially on a person who has been addicted to cigarettes. Let’s invite your friends to be more active in campaigning the danger of smoking for our health.

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