Definition of Duties & Responsibilities Supervisor


Actually what is the job duties and responsibilities of a supervisor that. For those of you who have entered the world of work may already be familiar with mesin jahit singer this term, but for those who want to work or want to register the work term supervisor may still rarely heard. Supervisor is more commonly known as a person who monitors the course of the work, the conditions within a group or organization of work. The task of the supervisor is different in every company or agency that hired him, but in general the supervisor has the main task is monitoring the course of a production run smoothly and in control.

Supervisors should be responsible for ensuring all work is carried out properly so that all of the production process runs smoothly as production monitoring, pengawasah men, doing the work instructions, in charge of security, safety or health is threatened. He should be able to collaborate with a company boss or subordinates to avoid conflicts. The supervisor can be divided into several tasks according to their talents and his experience as a production supervisor example, marketing, management and so on.

Understanding Duties & Responsibilities Supervisor

Here is bebarapa work duties a supervisor in general.

Delivering a policy submitted by job title on it to all subordinates and his group
Setting the working group on the group holding
To task subordinatenya
Carrying out assignments, projects, and work directly
Provide training on the subordinate
Lead and motivate subordinate or subordinates
Enforce the rule that has been set by the company
Disciplining the subordinate / subordinate
Solve the problems of daily routine
Make short-term plans for the tasks that have been assigned by his superiors.
Control and evaluate the performance of subordinates
Provide information to management about the condition of a subordinate, or become an intermediary between workers and management.

Supervisors are required to have a soul leader, leader, able to lead and develop employees underneath, problem solver. Well here the importance of a company, institution or organization has a supervisor. Through this supervisor’s vision and mission is expected to achieve.

A supervisor must have the criteria of a good leader and fair, this is because the vital role of the supervisor in the company’s success. Supervisor task and responsibility is important for the company, but an outline supervisor can be divided into five major responsibilities are.

Planning, planning activities into its work
Organizing, coordinated the activities and tasks to run smoothly
Staffing, ensuring everyone involved in the task and the job.
Directing, Directing how that task and the work can proceed smoothly.
Controlling, to exercise control over the activities of the group as well as the work done by the group.

Duties and responsibilities of supervisors are very spacious as well as HRD task, in essence, is how he made sure that all the work can be done well. Supervisors are also required to provide motivation to employees or subordinates to return the spirit to work as well on the right track in doing the job.

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