Different Types of Table Calendar Designs

Desk calendars are one of the new breakthroughs besides wall calendars and tear calendars. Calendar table we often meet in various office areas, especially at the reception and customer service. In general, the table calendar used contains information related to the company. For example, the company logo and photos of the company’s activities when you try print at percetakan grogol jakarta.

The selection of table calendar design with photos of company activities is not without cause. The series of photographs used as a table calendar design have a hidden meaning that is conveyed through interesting photographs in the calendar table design.

Table calendars are practical and can be taken anywhere. You can put it on the desk as a reminder of time or take it anywhere as a record of important activities. In fact, one of them can be used as a wedding invitation. Curious? Let’s see more below.

1. Unique and quirky table calendar
In general, table calendars have a shape with length and width proportional. However, the table calendar design can be designed with one side having an extreme length, you know. Calendars of this form can also be used as your travel agenda. For example, in the middle of the journey you get certain ideas, you can directly record it. This calendar has a practical shape that is easy to keep in the bag.

2. Design a table calendar with sticky notes
If you are someone with a well organized type, then the table calendar design with sticky notes in it is perfect for you. You will find it easier to remember important times, important activities, even important appointments with others. You can keep track of what’s important for you to write and then paste it. How, interesting is not it?

3. Schedule family schedule
This does not create a custom desktop calendar just as a promotional event. You can also describe your beloved memories through the schedule table. Save and capture happy moments with your loved ones. Good memories with family and friends.

Table table design is also suitable for you who work as an employee office. Then, you can place a calendar table with your design in your workspace. Not only as a sign of time alone, with the assurance you are looking at your lover’s photos will be more enthusiastic in working.

4. Foldable table calendar design
The design of the table calendar is not merely the shape of the paper with a series of pinhole edges. Apparently, the folds of paper can be transformed into a cube-shaped table calendar. No need to bother, you just cut, fold, and make it to form a cube. This table calendar can also be played horizontally like a rubik game. Interesting right?

5. Calendar table at the same time wedding invitation
Calendar table turned out to be used as a wedding invitation, you know! With a little creativity, table calendars can have many functions we do not expect. In addition, the design of table calendars with this type can be used as a wedding souvenir. Of course you can save a lot of cost. You can create invites, souvenirs, as well as time markers in just a calendar of this beautiful table.

6. Design a memo table calendar
You are troubled with deadlines and extraordinary piling work? Relax, design a table calendar with a function like this memo the solution. You can change the contents of calendar per month. You can also mark a job with certain deadlines to get your work done on time and do not procrastinate again.

7. Calendar pop up table
Do you have a business entity and are bored with the design of a desk calendar in general? Do not worry, you can try this one table calendar design. This table calendar has a design like a pop up, so if you look at it in a certain angle then a three-dimensional impression will appear. You can take advantage of this illusion manipulation and apply it to your table calendar design.

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