Difficult Kids Vitamin Spot and Other Ways to Overcome It

Many parents are finding out what the child vitamin difficult to eat. Do give certain vitamins or nutrients can overcome the problem of the child’s appetite? This question arises because the child meal time can sometimes be the most difficult time in everyday parents.

Children are the most beautiful grace that God has given us and the family. For that reason, parents want to provide the best for their children, including the matter of nutritional value. But for some parents, why it feels good faith is difficult to implement because it turns out the child refused our good intentions with poor feeding behavior.

Many parents are looking for a method that his son refused to eat. This problem mainly occurs in children aged 2 to 5 years. As a parent who saw the child lots of breastfeeding when the baby but becomes difficult to eat when at the age of greater must be worried. Moreover, many parents want their children to grow and develop properly. So, whether the child vitamin difficulty eating can improve a child’s appetite?

Difficult Kids Vitamin Spot and Other Ways to Overcome It

Kids Vitamins and Sample food is Hard Spot

It was a tradition today to find vitamin child eating difficult. Not infrequently many parents who bring their children to see the doctor only with the purpose of consultation and hope the doctor has a solution so that children can eat easily. And many parents would expect physicians provide vitamins hard to eat.

But is there difficulty eating vitamin child? The author conducted research on medical research studies conducted and unfortunately, provision of vitamins in children with adequate nutrition situation does not increase appetite or correct their eating behavior difficult. Vitamin indeed served to increase children’s appetite with the condition are deficient in the vitamin. So what are the types of vitamins that when the level is less in the body can decrease your appetite?

  • vitamin B12

Vitamin difficult to eat the first child is vitamin B12. The function of this vitamin is to help the metabolism of the body convert food into energy, including assisting in the metabolism of protein and fat. Children with Vitamin B12 deficiency will decrease appetite, so it is difficult to eat. Some foods naturally containing vitamin B12 are eggs, dairy products, beef and fish.

  • Zinc

The main symptoms of zinc deficiency is loss of appetite. Thus, zinc is difficult children eat vitamin that must be considered. Besides damaging the appetite, zinc deficiency toddlers who will have a short body, a difficult tongue tasting a flavor with good, had skin problems and complicate the healing of wounds. When the zinc deficiency continues into adulthood, the development of the secondary body can also be inhibited. Foods containing zinc for example, poultry such as chickens and ducks, beans, red meat and wheat.

  • vitamin D

Vitamin difficult child next meal is Vitamin D. Without Vitamin D; zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron and Vitamin A will be difficult to be absorbed by the body. Symptom reduction in appetite can occur when the body does not absorb enough zinc, iron and magnesium. Sources of Vitamin D are milk, sunlight (hence Jemurlah or let children play outside in the 7-9 o’clock in the morning), fish, eggs and orange juice.

  • Vitamin A

The study mentions that a deficiency of vitamin A can cause a decrease in appetite. In addition to maintaining eye health, vitamin child’s difficulty eating also plays a role in skin health, maintain a healthy immune system and keep the child’s appetite. However, supplementation of Vitamin A should be done with caution because of the provision of too much Vitamin A can cause undesirable effects. When memungikinkan, posyandu go near your house to get Vitamin A supplementation every February and August.

Why Difficult Kids Eat?

Many experts have tried to explain why some toddlers have trouble eating behavior. One thing psychologically now believed in the medical field is a state neophobia . Circumstances neophobia means that the child was anxious and afraid to try new things, including food. And usually neophobia have occurred in the vegetables. So do not be surprised if he refuses spinach, broccoli or cabbage are you trying to give her.

The wrong diet early on, too, is the reason behind hard eating in children. Babies are often given porridge of milk packaging plant compared strain of rice porridge and home-cooked side dishes tend to refuse to eat vegetables or meat when the age is greater. It is re-associated with being neophobia above since childhood, child’s tongue is already accustomed to the taste of porridge of milk and baby biscuits.

Several Ways Kids Overcome Difficult Spot

  • Try giving children vitamin difficult to eat. But still consult a doctor if you want to give in the form of supplements, because every child needs a different dose.
  • Familiarize children to eat with the family. Children tend to imitate their parents. How do you expect from eating spinach when you yourself do not eat the spinach?
  • Involve children in cooking and determine the food. It is as simple as asking for help children wash carrots or tear the leaves of vegetables. Invite your child to go shopping to the market or supermarket.
  • Do not get used children to watch TV or play a gadget when you’re eating.
  • Do not promise a dessert or dessert when he finished his food. This will lead to a pattern of thinking in children that dessert must be better than the vegetables so that he would be refused vegetables and healthy food.
  • Do not give a lot of snacks, especially before meals. This causes the child satisfied so of course he will resist the weight of food you provide.
  • Give the new food in portions. Praise the child when he managed to eat it.
  • Encourage your child to play outside or physical activity. Besides good for the body, physical activity will increase appetite. So, let it run or cycling.
  • Do not force children to go to eat when she is full. Sometimes, the things we think is best for the child, not necessarily the right thing. Force-feeding would make him hate the next meal or even a child will adopt the behavior of overeating.
  • Do not be too concerned about the increase in weight of your child. Weight does not go up every month is not necessarily a bad thing. To ensure your child has a normal body weight, see the health card or KMS on the weight charts. Keep in mind that being overweight since children can continue to teenagers or adults.

Vitamin child eating difficult indeed appear as a magic solution difficult finish eating behavior in children. Give your child a varied diet so that he does not lack one type of vitamin that is essential. However, parents should also strive to get children in order to have good eating habits with simple methods listed above. Lastly, do not forget to consult the state of your child when you are very concerned about the nutritional status and growth of your child.

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