Earth Rotation: Definition, Process, Impact and Benefits part1

Universe  is the overall shape of the universe. When we hear the word Universe, then we will focus on the solar system . The solar system is a collection of celestial bodies that are interconnected and interact with each other. The solar system consists of the sun as its center, and then there are planets that surround it, then there are asteroids (read: the characteristics of asteroids ) based (having trajectory) between Mars and Jupiter, then there are stars that are small or rather large and comet is a comet.

Talking about the solar system, it feels like to have no end because it is too broad. Regarding the solar system, is not complete if we do not all discuss events that exist in outer space. Some events or routines that we can talk about is the rotation and revolution. Rotation is an activity rotates on its axis.  rotation who do this are the planets and satellites. While the meaning of the events surrounding the revolution is something, like the planets around the sun and satellites around the planet. Including planet Earth , as well as rotation and revolution of the earth . On this occasion we will discuss more about the earth’s rotation, not only understanding but also processes, impacts and benefits.

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Understanding Earth Rotation

We’ve often heard the word rotation. Rotation very often arise in science lessons when attending school. Rotation is closely related to the celestial bodies, such as planets (read: the planet Saturn ) and satellite . Yes, the so-called rotation is the activity or activities rotates on its axis. Rotation is done by planets, asteroids and several celestial bodies. Thus, the earth as a human dwelling also rotation. We may not feel the Earth’s spin is directly because we are small and located on the surface of the earth (read: the shape of the earth’s surface ), but the presence of the Earth’s rotation can be proved by some evidence that the case against the sun.

General understanding of the Earth’s rotation is the movement of the earth rotating on its axis. The earth’s rotation on its axis, this is a daily movement. In addition to the Earth, the moon which is a satellite of the Earth also perform rotation on its axis.

Earth Rotation Process

The process of the general rotation of the earth is the earth’s rotation on its axis. No direction rotation of the earth, the earth rotates toward the east or against the direction of rotation clockwise. The rotation direction can cause a variety of effects we feel from Earth. One of them is we can see the night and day, although the length of night and day from one place to another place is different. Rotation of the Earth’s rotation or will be slowed down because of the influence of the moon’s gravitational force. The slowing of motion gravity of the moon can be seen from the slowdown in one day as much as 1.7 milliseconds compared to a century ago.

Impact Earth Rotation

The rotation of the Earth is one of the daily events conducted by the earth. Not only the earth, but also the other planets. Each activity or activities undertaken by the celestial bodies must have an impact or effect that can be felt. Similarly, with the rotation of the earth. The rotation of the earth, can cause a variety of effects or consequences later we can feel. Even some of the effects of the Earth’s rotation will be a daily event on earth.

If the revolution of the Earth impact by creating a BC and in annual form, the Earth’s rotation resulted in a daily time. That is, the rotation of the earth causes day and night so that will form one time daily. Earth’s rotation takes approximately 23 hours 46 minutes 4.901 seconds, and the time is rounded up to 24 hours. So from that time one day and night consists of 24 hours. In addition to the day and night, the Earth’s rotation also raises many of the results. Consequences arising from the earth’s rotation, among others, are as follows:

1. The occurrence of day and night

One of the phenomena that occur in everyday life are the day and night. even the occurrence of day and night is definitely a lot of people do not realize that this is a phenomenon. Lunch is a condition where we can catch sunlight freely. In the daytime we can also see a variety of objects that exist on Earth without the help of any object as radiation, because the sun is sufficient in illumination. In the daytime we also feel the warm air temperature, and even heat. This we know it is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to certain activities. while the night is the opposite of daylight. at night we can not see objects that exist on Earth without the aid of lighting equipment. Yes, of course the condition of the earth when it was dark and without any sunlight illumination.

Well, the change of day and night is certainly not due to lack something. The emergence of the phenomenon (read: amazing natural phenomenon in the world ) day and night is a result of the rotation of the earth, that the earth rotates on its axis movement. As the Earth rotates, part of the earth or hemisphere is tilted toward the sun is experiencing daylight conditions. while only one hemisphere, the opposite side did not get the sunshine and being in the condition of the evening. the portion between day and night in each region of the earth together, that each 12 hours. Thus, we can get a balanced sunlight and do with sufficient time as well. Their day and night also bring benefits for humans.

2. Changes in time

Subsequent impact of the Earth’s rotation is the change of time. Have we ever phoned or communicate with someone who is in a very remote area, the US for example. When we phoned at noon, maybe in America is still night. it proves the existence of very significant time difference between Indonesia and the United States. Not only that, even in Indonesia alone we know the three regional divisions of time, namely the East Indonesian Time, Central Indonesia Time, and West Indonesia Time. It covers several regions in Indonesia.

Although still in a state, but letak- lies the Indonesian region are far from each other, so it is possible the time difference. The time difference in various regions of the world due to the rotation of the earth, the motion of the Earth spinning on its axis. Actually, the division of time in this world is based on longitudezero degrees. In the area through which the zero degrees longitude built a memorial tuku time, which is located in the town of Greenwich

3. Shape into a round earth with oblate at both poles

The movement of the earth rotating on its axis poorer not only give effect to life and also the conditions of life on earth. Rotation of the earth that this place always also affect the shape of the planet Earth itself. one of them is causing the earth is not perfectly round shape (read: the earth is flat or round ). But the shape of the planet there is oblate in the second round with poles. It is simply and solely because of forces generated from the rotation of the earth. even not only the earth, but also the other planets, too. However their rotation speeds greatly affect the shape of the planet. For example, is the planet Saturnut. Because when the rotation (rotation time) it is very fast, about 10 hours less, the shape of the planet Saturn to as a flat surface. It is not that we can observe if we do not see it completed as a planet.

4. The occurrence of deflection direction of the wind

Rotation of the earth which is the movement of the earth on its axis, also impacts one of which is deflective direction of the wind. Wind is inevitable on Earth. This is because the wind (read: the type of wind ) is moving air. Each region to another and the pressure has a different air masses, then of the presence of the wind is very difficult to avoid. winds straight without bending will bring unfavorable properties. With the rotation of the earth, the wind direction can be deflected so that not just one area that can be exposed to the wind, but also other areas also can feel the wind. Especially when the wind happens is the wind that is detrimental. The wind is deflected will have a reduced rate of speed, so as to reduce the risk of damage.

5. The occurrence of quasi-daily motion of the sun

Remember us with material on the earth’s revolution? In the article, we talked about the impact or effect that can be caused by the earth’s revolution. From some of the effects that can be generated, one of which we can meet the annual apparent motion of the sun. In the annual apparent motion of the sun, we find the position of the sun yanf vary in certain date and month. thus it affects the survival of the season in the world, so there was a change of seasons. Actually it is not the sun which place, but instead move because the earth was round the sun.

It was not just a revolution motion to bring the impact of apparent motion of the sun. But it turns out the Earth’s rotation can also bring the impact of apparent movement of the sun. But the apparent motion of the sun due to the earth’s rotation is called the apparent daily motion of the sun. This is because the apparent motion of the sun due to the earth’s rotation takes place every day. is the sun’s daily apparent motion of the sun’s position that is always changing. For example, when the morning sun is in the east, while during the day the sun is in the middle or top of the head, and when the late afternoon sun is in the west. Different positions of the sun also result in different shadows. This movement is called the apparent movement because it is actually not the sun moved around the place, but because of the rotation of the earth.

6. Calendar AD

Remember we are in discussion to discuss the impact of the revolution of the earth? One of them mentioned about penanggalam the solar year. Turns out the AD calendar not only because of the revolution of the earth only, but also due to the rotation of the Earth. Why is this so? Yes, because a very detailed calendar also includes very specific time, such as hours, minutes and seconds. So, it is also associated with the Earth’s rotation.

7. The division of the world time

The division of time is of course also involve areas that do not lie on a line of longitude, or meridians. The areas that were not covered by longitude, or meridians of course will have a different time. This is as a result of the rotation of the earth. Contohny is an area that is in the right hemisphere will experience chalky earlier than the zone located in the left hemisphere.

8. The occurrence of differences in the thickness of the atmosphere

Earth’s rotation also affects the thickness of the layer of the atmosphere . So the atmosphere that exists on earth has different thicknesses depending on each region.

9. Changes in wind direction

As already explained above regarding the occurrence of wind deflection. Rotation of the earth makes the wind direction changes.

10. The big difference in the gravitational acceleration

Turns the earth’s rotation also causes the acceleration of gravity differences. Acceleration of gravity will affect a variety of things, such as tide.

11. The occurrence of the Coriolis force

Earth’s rotation can also cause a variety of styles, such as the Coriolis force.

12. The proper functioning of an artificial satellite

Earth’s rotation can also create artificial satellite into proper function. Man-made satellites were made with a view to the field of communication and information. So that when the earth rotates, satellite-reach areas can be alternated, and satellites can communicate information to various areas.

13. The presence of jetlag when we boarded the plane

The presence of jet lag we saw when the plane is a result of the rotation of the earth.

Now that’s some kind of impact that can be generated from the rotation of the earth, a lot is not it? The impacts are things that we can feel in everyday life. see much of an impact that can be caused, then we know that the Earth’s rotation many benefits. Some of the benefits of the earth’s rotation will be discussed later.

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