Easy Beauty Tips for Thicker Lashes

What do you do to make the lashes dense and thick? Using mascara, vini, or false eyelashes? If you still use those methods, start now!

Indeed cosmetics can thicken eyelashes quickly and instantly, but not infrequently a lot of women who have eye irritation due to the use of mascara, vini, or false eyelashes tersebut.Ada many causes of your eyelashes to fall out and look thinner. Some of the following causes may be something you did not realize before.

But still, because we have easy beauty tips for thicker lashes. This is it:

1. Brushing eyelashes at night

Something as easy as money. Think of your eyelashes like in your hair. Something very effective to stimulate their growth is to brush it. It removes dead cells and stimulates regional circulation. A daily routine with good results.

2. Treatment with castor oil

Infallible, effective and economical. Keep it at home and in your beauty spot. Oil is of little use to our eyelashes as castor oil, natural resources to achieve maximum hydration in our lashes. Natural beauty. To overcome it is enough to give a little massage with cotton soaked well in this oil. If you do it at night after brushing your teeth, you will see how your lashes gradually look more solid.
3. Trick talcum powder

This fantastic trick is one of the secrets of make-up artist stars. It’s so simple that it surprises you:

First we take the mascara and apply on the eyelashes, make sure both are well separated.

Next, we carefully spread the lashes with powder. In this way we give them density. You can apply it with other mascara brushes, as you can see in the picture below. Easier.

When they are protected (keep the eye off), apply mascara again. You know best, to make the lashes appear denser, is to apply from the same root and upwards. Never leave a tip, because the detail is what gives them a lot more.

4. Should mascara always be black?

This is sometimes a golden question. Actually no, not always. There are some sources that can serve us well to wear thicker tabs:

Mascara with transparent sheen. It brings light, density and a spectacular view especially for the morning. If you fix your dark circles, you will get a very chic touch.

Brown chocolate combined with black: other make-up artist tricks. From root to middle lashes we apply brown mascara. Then the edges are limited with black mascara, so it looks long and thick. Have you tried it? It’s sensational.

5. Beware of curlers and waterproof mascara

We know that curlers give us a very nice touch

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