Easy Ways to Save Electricity in the Kitchen

Try to count how many electronic appliances in your kitchen? You may have one or maybe even some electronic appliances such as microwave, blender , rice cooker , refrigerator , and so on.

Some electronic equipment in your home kitchen must have been the largest contributor to the bills of electricity you. Some devices such as microwave or stand mixer in great need of power electricity that is quite large. But that does not mean you can not save the cost of electricity you. By ensuring the following items, you can save money pretty much

Some things to consider to save electricity in the kitchen is as follows:

Refrigerator / Freezers

  • Always make sure the refrigerator door closed and do not be too often or too long open the refrigerator door. Frequent or long door is opened it will make the cold out, causing the compressor to work harder and electricity consumption also increased.
  • Set the refrigerator temperature as needed. The colder, the more electricity is needed.
  • Do not enter the food or beverage is still hot as it can increase the temperature of the refrigerator and makes the refrigerator work harder to restore to its original temperature of the edges will be a waste of electricity.
  • To the chiller refrigerator, do not fill too full of groceries that do not shut off the flow of cold air so that the refrigerator will work even tougher.


  • Add enough water or oil on the material to be refined. You also can cut the first food that was about smoothed to ease the work machine blender.
  • If possible puree of more than one substance at a time. This method will save electricity, compared to soften food or condiments, one by one.
  • Do not fill the blender container too full because it will cause the engine halting or even fail to rotate. This can cause rapid engine was broken and the engine pulling repetitive siphon electricity is high enough.

Rice Cooker

  • Use Rice Cooker with a capacity corresponding to the needs of the family. Do not use the Rice Cooker large capacity when the number of family members is only a little. Rice Cooker The greater the capacity, the greater the required electrical power. As a benchmark for 4-5 people, Rice Cooker with a capacity of one liter or 1.2-liter is sufficient.
  • Please allow rice soaked in water for 30 minutes before cooking with a rice cooker. This is done, in order to inflate the rice first, naturally. Thus, it will save time penanakan rice with Rice Cooker.
  • Rice cooker requires about 350 watts when cooking rice and about 50 watts when warmed rice. Tanaklah rice according to the needs of the family. If necessary one to cook rice for one meal. So, no need to constantly turn on the rice cooker to warm the rice, in addition to waste power, the rice was already reduced nutrient for continuous heating.

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