Efficacy Cabe Rawit for Health


For Luka Iris

Treatment for injuries with red medication is dry dansembuh, but what would happen if all around us there is no such thing as a red medicine certainly will andqa kebiinggungan find a solution, to a solution with cayenne pepper is quite easy and can shout kesmbuhan overheating TUKANG TAMAN SURABAYA but the effect is outstanding, quite in mashed and smeared into the wound healing process, there will be rapid.

Stroke Disease

For a stroke, we know if stroek the occurrence of blood clots or not smooth blood acidity in our bodies, what to do with cayenne pepper, cayenne pepper can mempelancar frozen blood because there is a feeling of heat in chili will pump blood to circulate with forced.

Headache cure

Had heard the advice if dizziness, eating spicy? The suggestion is true because the spicy taste capsaicin caused when his brain is able to restrict flurry thank sinyak pain from central nervous system. Inhibition of these cues trip can reduce the pain that we suffer.

Healing Stuffy Nose

Due cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which can dilute the lender, up mucus in the nasal cavity is blocked will be watered and out. Causes, nose unobstructed so again. This applies to sinusitis and cough and phlegm.

Can Lower Cholesterol

Can also menrunkan Heat or High Fever

Actually there are many more that the hidden properties of cayenne memilki many sekali.tetapi for hemorrhoid disease that had better be avoided if not hemorrhoids will get worse or will bleed this terus.artikel Efficacy and Benefits Cabe Rawit For Our Body Health.

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