Eliminate Moles with Natural Materials

Moles are considered a sweetener face, but not a few also some people both women and men who feel disturbed by this. Although not a living mole, there are still some people who feel uncomfortable because they feel that the presence of moles can reduce their attractiveness.

If you have the same problem, there are several ways to remove the most effective dead mole as below. In fact many of the recommended ways this time will not leave scars as it is often feared. Here are some solutions that are worth a try with easy ingredients if you want to remove the mole naturally.

1. Castor oil

To perform this healing we need castor oil, aldog and tape.

Dampen the cotton in the oil and apply on the mole, attach it with the aid of the tape. Every day we will replace the cotton with the new one and we will do it for seven days in a row.

2. Sour apples

We melted the sour apple juice and applied it to the mole, at least three times a day for three weeks. It is a slow treatment that requires patience, but it is effective and we can see how it disappears.

3. Onion Red

Although a spice kitchen, red onion has many uses besides menyedapkan cuisine. Natural beauty. One of the benefits you can get is that red onion is able to become a dead mole remover even though it is necessary patience and patience in the process of implementation.

How: Provide onion 1-2 cloves just to be made with the juice blend. Grab a cotton ball and dip it into the fresh onion juice, then continue by applying it to your mole. Use water to wash it after ½ hours; do this way for 1 month every day, you will see maximum results fast enough.

4. Take care of our skin

To prevent the appearance of new moles is very important that we take care of our skin, especially if we have sensitive or very clear.

We will always protect it from solar radiation, especially in summer and in hours of maximum radiation, between 12 and 4 noon. We will always use sunscreen but we will avoid exposure or close our skin in the middle of the day.
We will do the natural skin once a week or every two weeks, with products that match the skin type and sensitivity of each body area.
We will moisturize and nourish our skin normally with vegetable oil or with a natural moisturizer.
We will use natural fabrics like linen or aldog and we will avoid synthetic fabrics
We will eat in a balanced way, eating every day raw fruits and vegetables and healthy fats, which will nourish our skin deeply and give vitality.

We will bathe whenever we can with cold water, or at least we will always take a bath with cold water, to improve the body’s circulation and pretreatment. The overheated water weakens and eliminates the firmness of the skin.


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