Enamels OPI Semi-Permanent The New Autumn-Winter 2012-2013 Color

Enamels OPI Semi-Permanent The New Autumn-Winter 2012-2013 Color

Among the brands of semi-permanent glaze, the OPI is now known for its excellent quality. Easy to apply, available in 56 fashion colors, OPI presents us his new shades for winter 2013. They are to be discovered and to try!

quirky names for eccentric and bold colors. It’s called Axxium Soak Off Gel Lacquer and assures you for at least three weeks, great looking nails.

The system is that now all know the semi-permanent nail polish, and in addition, the security of OPI quality.

OPI extends its range with 5 new nuance, already giving us around well 56! But let’s see what are the trendiest colors for this fallĀ  winter 20122013 while we announce all of which are very different from each other, but that each has its own distinct personality. Here they are

Black Cherry Chutney is a red cherry ripe impeccable tone. Suitable for special occasions, and for a chic everyday, the Black Cherry ensures smart looking nails and sensual.
Lucky Lucky Lavender is a lovely warm and relaxing pastel color shades. A pink scioglievole and glamorous Provencal recall. Ideal for short nails and a beautiful pedicure.
Meet Me on the Star Ferry, a lunar purple as he wants the trend of winter 2013. The only one of its kind with shining and sparkling effect is shown on dark-skinned hands.
Yodel Me on My Cell is a deep blue, magnetic pair with must-have of the year colors electric blue and black
On and jaunty orange Y’all Come Back Ya Hear is indicated by a solar and grunge look. Ideal on short and long nails to match with brown this winter.

How to apply the enamel semi-permanent soak off

You can apply semi-permanent also OPI alone buying the whole kit

Roll out Axxium Soak Off Gel Base, and left to dry for 1 minute nell’apossita UV lamp
Apply 2 coats of Axxium Soak Off Color Gel chosen and allowed to dry for 2 minutes nell’appossita UV lamp
Spread a thin layer of Axxium Soak Off Gel Sealer and you’re done!

The product does not damage the nails and is dermatologically tested

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