Enjoying The Beauty Of Turtle Bay Beach In Cilacap Central Java

Talk about the beach in Central Java, of course, can not be equated with the fame beaches in Yogyakarta. However, it does not mean Central Java does not have a beautiful beach like the one in Yogyakarta. One of the beaches in Central Java is Teluk Penyu Beach located in Cilacap Regency.

Turtle Bay Beach is a tourist attraction that offers beauty, with the background of Nusakambangan Island opposite. To get to the island of Nusakambangan at the end, can by riding boat services are always ready to take, the tariff was cheap. Not long ago I went there, and the rate for adults Rp. 15,000 PP (rates may change at any time).

Who does not know the tourist area in Cilacap? There are so many interesting tourist destinations that we can visit there, including one of the Turtle Bay Beach. Initially, this one beach is used as a sea turtle development site, but along with its development, now to find turtles is very difficult. Because of the existence of this turtle then the beach is named ‘Teluk Penyu’.

Picture of sea turtle bay

Located in Cilacap District of Central Java, this one tourist area is located on a land area of ​​18 hectares. Not far from the beach location in this cilacap there is one of the historic forts from the Dutch, namely Pendem Fort. The fort is located at 0.5 km south of Turtle Bay Beach and facing the Nusakambangan Strait Visit us with Bus Pariwisata. What features does it offer? Here’s the beauty of Turtle Bay Beach Tour that you can get.

The beauty of Turtle Bay Beach Tour

In contrast to the beach elsewhere, Turtle Bay Beach offers a very extraordinary beauty. The beauty is more perfect with a breeze and the air is quite cool. So you will be very comfortable to linger here. To avoid boredom, you can also perform a series of activities on this one beach. Starting from playing football, running, burying themselves in the sand, and much more.

In addition, visitors here can also see passing fishermen, palm trees lined neatly, as well as Pertamina’s oil refinery that stands majestically near the beach. As for the fond of fishing, then you can lure in the dam track or cross over to Nusa Kembangan island to search for fishing spots.

Cilacap district government has done a lot of improvements on turtle bay beach until now looks more beautiful and beautiful. If the turtle bay first looks barren and hot this time the beach pride cilacap is already more plants, many public facilities, provided seats off the beach and many food vendors offer a variety of foods to accompany us to relax on the beach. Close to turtle bay beach we can visit the castle pendem. Just a few dozen meters from the shoreline we can visit this historical tour.

To get to the Turtle Bay Beach Tour, you can start the journey from Cilacap Terminal and take the bus to the location. Usually, the trip will be taken for 12 minutes with a distance of several km. However, if you move from the city center, the journey will be faster which is 5 minutes only, considering the distance of Cilacap city center with the location only about 2 km only.

Welcome Banner In Nusa Kambangan Island Play Water And Sand Around Nusa Kambangan Island

Turtle Bay Beach And Its BeautyRide Boat In Turtle Bay Beach
For those who want to buy fresh or dried fish, not far from this beach location there is also a fish market. When I came to this beach, the condition was rather quiet, maybe because the time I got here already late afternoon and the condition is also a bit cloudy, so can not describe the situation during a normal day or crowded time visitors. The picture in the bag might give you a little picture of Turtle Bay Beach conditions. Nothing wrong if you make Turtle Bay Beach as an agenda to visit.

Turtle Bay Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in the city of Cilacap. Formerly in this place, there are many turtles that live breed so that this bay beach is known by the name of Bay turtle. But now the sea turtle is rare and has been seen because of traffic from Pertamina ships that make sea turtles do not want to go back to this place.

White sand beaches on the island of nusa kambangan bay of turtle cilacap

The location of the turtle bay is quite easy to reach using private vehicles as well as public vehicles Turtle Bay is about 2 KM from Cilacap city to the east.The natural beauty of the turtle bay stretches from the south of sambai to the south about 14 hectares with a vast expanse of sand with air cool enough and beauty Exotic southern beach waves. Moreover, the island of Nusakambangan which has a white sand beach

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