Factors Contributing to Flooding

Flood disasters occurred frequently hit areas of Indonesia, especially Jakarta. The cause of the flood is mainly because the overflow of rivers due to heavy rainfall. Earthquake emergency kit in addition to overflow, also due to the puddles that accumulate difficult to soak into the ground especially when the river and sewer water met all the inevitable flood. But behind flooding many factors causing flooding caused by human activities. So there are two factors: natural factors and human activity factors, among others, the following

cause flooding

1. High rainfall
The rain that fell in a long time and often are the main factors frequent flooding in Jakarta. It usually occurs at the peak of the rainy season in the months of December to February. Rainwater will meet rivers and flooded roads inevitably lead to flooding if it keeps going no container or absorption.

2. Siltation of the river due to garbage
rivers that were once in a long shallow due to waste disposal is done by the local community. Ford cause overflow into the settlement during heavy rain.

3. The destruction of land
As happens in some areas, a lot of the recent floods and landslides caused by the destruction of land for illegal mining. Soil should be retaining water to erode and cause flooding.

4. Deforestation
Forests are very important function as water catchment areas, store rain water and then drain to humans through groundwater shape. When forests are cut down illegally will continue to cause flooding for the local region, with floods which continue to occur on a large scale becomes possible cause landslides.

5. Settlement carelessly
As is often the case in Jakarta floods, settlements sembrangan they cause major flooding caused by the overflow of the river flow is obstructed. As the houses on the banks is sure to be the biggest contributor inhibiting garbage and silting.

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