Fantasy Of Badut Carnival

This post is for you who likes carnival, who wants to enjoy the national holiday in the rhythm of samba, confetti and serpentine because everything is worth a soul is not small! Who does not like a carnival and wants to escape to a waterfall or get good, can too. There are options for everything (see links below). Here, let’s give some ideas of cheap costumes, for you to improvise with what you have at home. Let’s take a look

Foliage Witch

Like witches, they are loose also in the carnival. It is a classic and elegant fantasy that gives to improvise with any basic black dress. The only thing going to be the hat, but it is a very easy problem it.

Cowgirl and Cowboy

The cowgirl need not necessarily be ready to lace the ox being against a cowgirl. She may be a farm woman who likes animals or a figure from the classic western movies. It’s actually a very easy-to-improvise fantasy. Just have a hat, boots, jeans, a plaid shirt, or a rule like a photo below, a metal belt and a non-neckerchief to give that charm.

The Badut

Carnival without clown does not exist. There will be a thousand clowns without a hall or a block of streets, but the important thing is joy and sympathy. Very easy to improvise a badut costume with what you have at home: wig, glasses, colorful clothes. The important thing is not to forget the tie! Look how sympathetic this clown:

The Joker

This joker is a charm. All it took was a friend, a hat and a makeup to put on this sophisticated look. Of course, a wrong hat needs to ask for a seam to make and maybe with a lighter fabric. But you can also improvise at home and have a little skill for the craft. See an explanatory video here and customize your hat using other cores, placing balls falling on the ends and matching it with the dress to use. It can be a basic little black. The lace collar is also very easy to improvise!

The Samba Ballerina In The Foot

A colleague and a tutu, a sneaker (it does not even need to be cutting edge) and that are it! It is very easy to do the tutu of the ballerina, see here a video that teaches to make a seamless ballerina skirt. A coke and a crown, or an elegant tiara, on the head, can add a finishing touch to the look.


The kitten can also be white, caramel, dust. Just wear a costume you have at home and improvise an ear, which is not difficult. If you want a tail, use an old pantyhose, cotton or old fabric filling, and sew on your clothes. In simplicity, just enough ear. See what you can see in the picture below, also gave a thank to look at. Use an imagination and improvise with what you have at home!

Hippie Hippie

Simply put all your trinkets together and done, and a hippy costume. Of course, for a hippie-style style, it needs a touch of finesse.

Indian Gringo

This photo is from the Carnival in Indonesia. If you have manual skills you can do this Indian costume by simply having a headdress and a necklace that can be made by improvising with what you had at home. No need to put feathers, you can reuse old t-shirts to make yarn, top hats, and old buttons to decorate the props.

Rock Style Carnival

It was enough to put black clothes, necklaces, and accessories of metals and of course, a super treatment in the hair. Mega hair to headbangers and crest to the punks. It is easy to improvise this look at home, although carnival and rock do not walk together, like fantasy, this good-humored look.

Rock Star

Girls can also easily improvise a rock and roll look at the carnival using what they have at home, with nothing to buy anything:

City Pirate

To be a pirate does not need fantasy. You can improvise with the clothes you had at home. Look at this pirate’s charm:


See that you just combine as blue cores, preferably marine, white and red. Put on your striped tank top with shorts, short or get out of one of those cores, a ribbon bow, and a little white hat and that’s it. Easy easy!


Also, a sailor can easy go out of improvisation in your closet!


It seems difficult? Not so much! Any ball clothes are worth it! A vintage glasses and let’s go retro carnival!

Hawaii from Brazil

To make Hawaiian costume do not need that skirt bought. See in the look below that a change tied at the waist solves the problem of the skirt. A necklace and a flower in the hair and that are it! Beautiful! No need to put the bustiê if you do not want to show the belly. A white race will look great too!

Brazilian Hawaii

Ahhhh this is the simplest fantasy of all so the boys do not say they can not fantasize. Enjoy to wear flowery shorts with the shirt also flowery and everything will be flowers in this carnival! A necklace and ready for the revelry!

Did you like these badut? They are simple! But it was just to give you the idea that you do not have to buy anything to fall for the party. Simply the joy!

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