Floor Tapabel Options That Will Help You

If you are serious about being a famous tap dancer, you should buy floor for your own exercise at some point. Below I share three choices of portable flooring that can help you to finally compete with the great Glover Savion.

There are 3 levels of tap surfaces that I use to practice at home and recommend it to others.

Plywood sheet

The cheapest way to create a tap dancing surface is to get some plywood and have cut to size you need. Be advised that you should balance harga blockboard comfort with quality. In general, the thicker the board will last longer. At the same time, its thickness will add weight and weight to the board, making it difficult to transport.

Sanding is also recommended to help you avoid flakes.

Plywood is the cheapest option to get the floor to practice but also has its disadvantages.

First among them is the fact that plywood is very little to help absorb shock dancing on hard surfaces. This increases the likelihood of injury.

In addition, the sound quality on plywood sheets is not large and they are difficult to transport for use in the show because of its size.

Jubilee Dance Floors

Jubilee Dance Dance Floor has a balance between cost and convenience.

It comes in a 2 ‘x 2’ panel and is connected to each other using the power of the velcro industry. This means that your workout floor can be as big as you want. The panel fits together safely and seamlessly.

The boards are made of polymer with foam pads that help protect the joints and make a really good sound. Jubilee Dance Floors cost about $ 36 per square at the time of this writing.

Large counter with this floor is the building is not made of wood so it may not appeal to fans of hardwood floors. Also, velcro wears from time to time and they are useless on the surface of the carpet.

Stagestep Portable Tap Board

This board has the best sound quality!

It’s also very durable, because it survives the worst thing that can be done by me and other local criminals in your tap tap.


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