Further News Europe’s largest active volcano erupts

The largest active volcano eruption in Europe led to 10 people were injured, including a television crew BBC on duty. Nino Borzi, mayor of Nicolosi, settlements closest to Mount Etna, said there were 35 people near the volcano when the eruption occurred on Thursday.

There are 10 injured,” he said, quoted by Al Jazeera. “But, nothing serious.”┬áRebecca Morelle, science correspondent for BBC wrote on Twitter: “Team BBC all fine. Some suffered abrasions and burns. (But), very shaken because it was really scary.”

Morelle accompanying volcanologist eruption of Mount Etna describes the incident as the most dangerous events throughout his career for 30 years, what causes earthquakes

“This kind of deadly eruptions,” he said. “Down the mountain accompanied by hail, must avoid the rocks are on fire, and vapor of boiling. Not an experience I want to experience again.”

After a lull of several years, Mount Etna belching stomach contents back into the air in February.

Mount Etna in Italy erupts

The eruption resulted in volcanic ash to villages along the mountain slopes and Taormina in Italy.

Mount Etna in Italy, which is the most active volcano crater in Europe, has exploded again, resulting in volcanic ash to villages along the mountain slopes and Taormina.

The explosion on Saturday (23/11) do not encourage evacuation, but a highway was closed for half an hour as a precaution. Authorities also shut down for two days and four air corridors that serve the airport of Catania, but air traffic was not disrupted.

Mount Etna erupts from time to time, and the last one occurring in 1992.

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