Galvanizing Aesthetic The Miracles Of The Current Face And Body

Galvanizing Aesthetic The Miracles Of The Current Face And Body

Dall’elettrolipolisi iontophoresis to do-it-yourself, electroplating processes are used by about 50 years to combat skin problems of fat and localized, with some effectiveness. The beauty sector uses them as powerful allies of bio-rejuvenation. We present them.

What is a galvanic treatment aesthetic

The galvanic current is primarily used in treatment muscles and joints in the well-known therapies TENS, etc. electrophoresis. This methodology allows power, in fact, to penetrate into the tissues, some medicines that, vice versa, may only enter the body intravenously and not with the same effects obtained by the current.

For many years, the current galvanized, also is used in beauty treatments to regenerate and tone the skin. These treatments, through the massaging action of the current, helping to channel the power of the same cell and increase blood circulation.

With careful application of galvanic current, alternating positive to negative you can renew and stimulate the exchange of cellular dermis to fight

stretch marks
hair loss
photoaging etc.

The galvanic current positive, in particular, helps to remove toxins and impurities, while the negative galvanic current encourages the transport of nutrients in the blood, and produce toning and elasticity. Equipment used in the centers that perform galvanic treatments are programmed to develop currents in medium, high or low frequencies depending on the various diseases to cure and depending on whether it’s treatment of the scalp, face or body.

The application of the galvanic current (continuous and unidirectional) can penetrate deeply through the sweat ducts and sebaceous follicles and channels and, prior to application, the skin should be cleaned to remove sebum and impurities.

What is the galvanic treatment Electrolipolysis needle

It is the use of low-frequency sinusoidal current that delivered continuously through needles into the skin, it corrects problems relating to obesity or diffuse as cellulite. This is enabled by a process of mobilization of ions of sodium, chloride and potassium that across cell membranes allow the displacement dell’adipe and toxins towards the outside of the cell itself. At the end of the session electrolipolysis, in fact, it is always a very frequent urination. The result of this is a greater stretching of the skin, which gradually becomes more taut and elastic; The action of the galvanic current also produces the so-called Joule effect or the heating of the adipose tissue with the consequent effect of

Better vascularization
Dissolution of fat

The electrolipolysis, also, through electrostimulation stimulates collagen fibers making up the wall of the small vessels with a consequent increase of the vascular tone and the acceleration of the drainage of the microcirculation. Its application is based on the introduction of needle electrodes of varying length in relation to the treatment area, which penetrate to the thickness of a few millimeters below the skin surface. The duration of treatment varies from 4 to 12 applications for about 40 – 60 minutes.

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