Games Make Kids More Active

Toddler famous for its one year of its activity. Jump, touch, pinch, and hit here and there. Because of curiosity, he explored what is there in him. However, what if he actually looks passive, also called slow to warm up child ? Although capable of interacting with other people, it tends to be less excited, looking sheepish, show little interest in the game around, and seemed hard to enjoy the game.

Children with this type needs more stimulation and exercises given directly from parents. Do not be late, tunjang motor skills, as well as strengthen muscles, bones, and the ability berinteraksi as early as possible. As reported by , here are some tips that can Mama do, in consultation with dr.Bernie Endyarni Medise, SpA (K), MPH , Division of Developmental – Social Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics Faculty of medicine – RSCM.

However, you need to remember this. The ability of each infant growth and development vary, depending on the readiness of the child. Therefore, avoid overstimulation in children because it can actually cause a toddler so negative emotions, stress, and even more passive.

1. Learning animal sounds
At this time, the ability to speak the baby was growing, and he is learning to imitate. Involve themselves in activities, such as imitating the sound or speech berbalasan. Tell the child to try to imitate the sounds you spend, like, “Meow … Meow. Come on, imitate the sound of a cat. “Recommend also through song. Sing to him with an expressive face.

2. Walk into your arms
Fishing child so he would walk alone. Although only a few steps, ask him to try. The simplest way is to ask for it goes to the arms. Fishing rod with a favorite toy. Do not forget to give praise, if he wants to walk a few steps. If your child is not ready to walk, wait a few days and try again.

3. While change diapers
in a day, you can change him as much as three to five times. You can use this moment while still invite her to speak and sing. For example, say, “Mama will be opened, yes, wet? Diaper, baby …, “or,” Who, yes, who wants his diaper changed? Raise your hands …. “By stimulating this kind of routine, a good response would come from the child.

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