Gaucho Trail and the Güemesiano Circuit

Through each village, which allows us to know that in every corner there is a story to tell, to experience the traditions and traditions of the gaucho and at the same time enjoy the tranquility of the scenery that makes us run.

Starting from the southeast of the city, of course, a series of great historical values ​​were inaugurated, with places such as Finca la Cruz, Fort Cobos and Posta de Salta, where traces of the struggle for national independence, which took place were marked between 1810 and 1821. , which is protected by the presence of prestigious historic monuments, reactivation of the heroic struggle for independence and underlined gauchos.

Gaucho is the person of the game, the image of Creole’s custom, with world recognition. The roots come from colonial times. Farmers who shake hands to honor, dare and loyalty and seek freedom.

Gaucho is a symbol of tourist and cultural attractions, as well as towns south of Salta, which met in 2006 creating “South Circuit of Sendero Gaucho”. The goal: to promote this region. City: Rosario de la Frontera, La Candelaria, El Jardin, El Tala, Metan, Rio Piedras, El Galpón, Joaquín V. González, Las Lajitas, Apolinario Saravia, General Guemes, Guachipas, La Viña and Coronel Moldes ..

Today’s gauchos are worth more than the traditions of their ancestors, salteños stand out for their clothes: dark red poncho with black ribbons, leather boots and hats, baggy pants and fine embroidered hand jackets. In all other provinces you can experience the culture of gaucho and Salta province, always present in costume festival skills, gastronomy and folklore, but especially in people’s attitude.
Finca la Cruz de Salta
Finca La Cruz

The house belonging to the family of General Martin Miguel de Güemes was used a quarter in the war of independence. This is a museum where exhibited objects familiar Güemes general as well as elements of rural work. Announced in 1941 the National Historical Monument. To 27 km City of Salta with Route 48.
Publications from Yatasto Salta
Post yatasto

Located 14 kilometers from the metropolis La Posta de Yatasto, and declared a National Historic Monument. January 20, 1814 General Manuiel Belgrano, Don Jose de San Martín and Martin Miguel de Güemes during the history of the country. Currently, the Post is also a Museum of Rural Life.

Fort Cobos

Located 40 km from the city of Salta; in the town of Cobos. Served to defend itself against the indigenous attacks its name is “Our Lady of Santa Ana, Sirvio during independence like a military post of the North Korean Army.General Belgrano passed the Cobos castle on 26 August 1812 after the Jujuy Exodus .It was also used by General Guemes as a barracks when he was given a defense from United Provinces of River Plate.

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