Good Foods to Burn Belly Fat

Not all fat in the stomach should be removed. Although in the long term fat can be bad for health, but there are also fats that are still needed by the body because it releases hormones for the body’s metabolic processes.

1. Celery

Celery can not lack daily food. These are vegetables that help us to lose fat, combine with as much and delicious food as you want to cook it. It has plenty of vitamin C, in addition to calcium, and one of its virtues really helps lose weight. Do you dare eat it today?
2. Seafood
It may be a little expensive to eat every day, but you should not miss your dish at least three times a week. Seafood has a kind of monounsaturated fat that helps us to avoid fat accumulation, very healthy and rich in Omega 3. Mix it as you wish, thanks also to you that you will also get plenty of vitamins and minerals.

3. Avocado
There is a false belief that avocados are fattening. Not like this. Avocados have oleic acid, an element that allows us to eliminate or delay the sensation of hunger. Natural beauty. In addition, it has fiber, perfect for flat stomach. This allows us to lose fat if we are not excessive and if we take advantage of all its virtues: satisfied. Simply consume one avocado a day. You will love it, you know. Perfect in salads or creams, it is impossible to withstand health and taste.

We love the cherries. If you have the opportunity to find it in your market with good prices do not hesitate, besides being very healthy and good for our digestive system, for heart and lower cholesterol or gout, cherries regulate our metabolism to reduce the sensation of hunger. and keep our health at the same time. They are very rich in antioxidants and are worth consuming at any time of the season. We do not recommend for example juices sold in stores, not being fresh lost all their virtues and doing nothing for us. They are just soft drinks that will not help us burn fat at all.

5. Tomatoes
We are fans of tomatoes. Rich in salads, sauces … combine all the dishes and deliver unique and essential flavors in our day to day. But, did you know that tomatoes reduce the accumulation of blood fats? That is, they act as a good cleanser so the fat does not accumulate. Do not forget! Tomatoes can not get lost on your plate!

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