Google’s Penguin 4.0 update officially april

Google’s official update penguin algorithm 4.0 in april, but the impact on Indonesia itself a few days ago the search results change. If you currently see about a drastic change and unnatural causes is google penguin 4.0 . Google masuk this news seems to have circulated for a long time on the website who said that for the penguin update 4.0 will be rolled continuously. Maybe this will make everyone dizzy, the article since the updates penguin 3.0 until now a new google launched their algorithms in this year.

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Flashbacks of his own penguin is an algorithm designed by some Google engineers whose function is to update the website on the search and assess the quality of the backlink. That means Google Penguin works to make penalties for sites that commit fraud in order to obtain search rankings. In April Google announced that Penguin algorithm 4.0 officially launched and until today gery Illyes as the staff of Google said that the current algorithm has been rolling penguin, about when finished this algorithm has been no statement from googe.

Quote I catch of some webmaster forums that Google is going to update these algorithms without limit, means it will be continuously updated. This may be one of the serious threat to the company seo services or online marketing. The following quote from a forum I read



We know the next Penguin algorithm should be a version of the algorithm in real time and with real time, it will be continuously updated and will not expire, on the contrary, the penguin will run all the time. So in case the judgment of the new Penguin, will happen all the time.

It is similar to the Google Panda update / google cores where Google says we probably will not see updates more to them because of more frequent scrolling. But the truth is, we do just a small update, not drastically from the days past.

From this statement it’s obvious that Google will hold an erratic change in outline. This will be a big problem for those who already have a good position, but it will make many people happy who has a website today is not good. For a solution to solve the problem penguin 4.0 times this has not been much to provide a solution on this, so sorry now I have not provide the appropriate solution.

But if there are new developments and solutions to overcome the problems penguin 4.0 I will update again, I hope this information gives us clear information about algorithm changes Google in 2016 ‘s. In closing see the video of john mueller of Google Penguin, 2016.

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