Here Terms Build Earthquake Resistant Houses

Earthquake survival kit – Having earthquake-resistant houses would be full attention to all the community. Especially for those who live in an area that has great potential earthquake.

Reza Dast consultant Arkitek Kaedy said most of the houses that are in Indonesia do not wear expert building structures to make a calculation in building earthquake resistant houses.

“Usually the building structure expert more calculating and compiling the irons foundation of earthquake-resistant houses and often always collaborated with the architect in accordance with the design plan.

Here Terms Build Earthquake Resistant Houses

“Budget issued to build earthquake-resistant houses is not small. Though expensive, the quality of buildings is also guaranteed,” he said.

Trisakti University alumnus Architecture Department also provides the requirements to build earthquake resistant houses. Here are nine requirements to build earthquake resistant houses:

1. Note the stabilized soil structure, considering the land as the successor to the earthquake vibration as much as possible to build a house on a stable soil structure.

2. Draft House in accordance with the plan of building a simple, should design the house with a simple plan.

3. The foundation, housing conditions must stand on stable ground, as well as the construction of foundation also touched laid on stable ground or hard.

4. on any wall area of ​​12 m2 to be mounted column, can use wood, concrete, steel, plaster or bamboo.

5. The house must be installed around the building block on which is tied with columns so the building frame can be attached to a sturdy and rigid.

6. On the roof of the house you can use dry wood or mild steel as the construction of the horses.

7. Choose wall materials with lightweight materials such as fibrous boards, multilayer boards and tie tightly with the column wall.

8. To create a house with a sturdy observe specific material / mortar, mortar difference also results in building strength for each jeis tras, sand and cement have different properties.

9. The earthquake resistant buildings have components that are bound with each other between structural and non-structural components.

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