Heres How To Book Business Trips With Apple Watch The New App HRS

Heres How To Book Business Trips With Apple Watch The New App HRS

Control their own hotel reservations, see map and check-in directly on your watch, you can today. Thanks to the app HRS now also available for Apple Watch. With more than 15 million users between business and private travelers, the app for the HRS hotel booking has improved its technology at the launch of the new Apple Watch as of now, in fact, users can use many of the app functionality HRS on the new Apple product.

This goes hand in hand with an unstoppable trend of growth in the mobile sector according to an analysis of HRS, already in 2014, one in five has booked its mobile hotel, almost double compared to that recorded the previous year In 2013, in fact, this figure stood at 12 percent. HRS is assumed that at the latest by 2017 a reservation of two will be made using smartphones, tablets & Co.

The available features have been specially selected and optimized for the new device. For example, the Apple Watch users can see at a glance the main hotel information for future booking.

In addition, once registered or logged in as My HRS customers on their iPhone, will be able to view the list of active and future reservations, as well as the address and the respective map booked hotel directly on Apple Watch. In this way, the user can access a faster navigation. Other convenient features are via click, check-in, or the opening date of reception are displayed directly on the display of the new Apple device.

negotiated discounts exclusively for the mobile devices HRS Mobile Special Tariff

The HRS mobile offering is constantly being expanded with useful services the rate HRS Mobile Special Tariff, available since 2014, is a huge response. The rate is bookable through the application of HRS and offers up to 50 percent discount on lastminute nights.

The number of hotels that offer the rate HRS Mobile Special Tariff has tripled in the last six months of 2014 alone more than 3,300 structures invoke it to generate additional bookings via the mobile channel. In addition, the number of reservations with the rate Mobile Special is doubled.

Tobias Ragge, HRS Managing Director explains The mobile channel is extremely useful, especially for business travelers, since appointments are subject to unforeseen changes that require a new trip planning. The last minute offer mobile really hits the mark.

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