Home Remedies for Pimples on the Arms

Home Remedies for Pimples on the Arms

Although acne is most often associated with facial spots, the arms are particularly vulnerable to this common skin problem.

The causes of arm acne are commonly: excess oil, clogged pores and buildup of bacteria, these are similar to facial acne. However, additional triggers, including tight clothing, sweaty clothing and long hair can also contribute to the condition.

Although there is little or no scientific research or clinical analysis to support the claims of the efficacy of folk medicine for the treatment of arm acne, after consulting with a dermatologist, home remedies can help you.
How to Remove Acne from the Arms

1. Comfrey

Comfrey, a common plant in nature, accelerates the healing of wounds and cuts. Natural beauty. Called knitbone by Native Americans, the plant has a reputation for healing bruises, scars, acne, boils and broken bones, according to the book “Indian Herbalogy of North America.”

As a popular acne remedy in the arms, comfrey works as an astringent, helping to dry pus-filled lesions. In addition, it contains allantoin, a cellular proliferator that helps repair damaged skin tissue, and rosemaric acid, an anti-inflammatory agent.

How to use
Make a poultice with fresh or dried comfrey leaves. Cut the leaves into small pieces and simmer in a small amount of water for two minutes. Apply warm poultice directly over the acne of the arm twice a day. Do not use on skin if it is broken.
2. Calendula

Calendula, has a reputation as one of the most versatile herbs in alternative medicine. Especially famous for its effectiveness as a stain blocker, marigold orange flower petals produce valuable results when used as an anti-inflammatory agent for red and swollen pimples.

Although more research is needed, petals are ‘antiseptic and have powerful healing powers may also help prevent infection and accelerate repair of skin tissue, according to the book’ DK Natural Health Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine ‘.

How to use
To make a marigold cream you should buy emulsifier wax and glycerin in a health food store. Melt 150 g of the wax in a double boiler. Add 70 g of glycerin, 80 ml of water and 30 g of dried calendula petals. Stir and simmer for three hours. Strain the mixture through a Muslim cloth. Stir constantly until it cools and rests.

Using a small knife, place the cream in a dark glass jar, and refrigerate. Apply the cream directly on the acne of the arm twice a day. Consult your physician before using calendula cream and any other home remedy for acne.
3. Toothpaste

Look no further than your bathroom cabinet to find a quick, cheap and practical remedy to relieve acne. White toothpaste inhibits inflammation and tends to dry pimples. Apply a small amount to the affected areas, and let it dry for 30 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Do not use on excessively dry skin.

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