Honey contains enzymes that have antioxidant and bacteria fighting powers

Honey contains enzymes that have antioxidant

Honey has long been utilized for its healing powers. It contains certain enzymes that have antioxidant and bacteria fighting powers. In New Zealand, healing properties have been found in a certain type of honey derived from the Manuka bush. Scientists call the healing ability in this specific type of honey the Unique Manuka Factor.
Researchers have found that Manuka honey products will assist in the renewing process of skin cells. The elasticity found in young healthy skin is caused by collagen. It was discovered that Manuka honey promots the development of stronger collagen. Scientists have also found that Manuka honey contains more antioxidants than other types of honey. Antioxidants are important because they fight and shield against the damage done by free radicals in the skin.
Manuka honey products have been found to give you a younger, healthier looking skin. This is without using toxic products or undergoing painful surgery or injections.

Some of the most comprehensive research on Manuka honey has been done at the University oft Waikato in New Zealand. Scientists there have found that Manuka honey is also is a stimulant for your immune system. It is easily absorbed through the pores of the skin and has a definite rejuvenating effect. It smoothes out wrinkles and lessen the lining effects caused by the sun, other environmental causes and aging.

Manuka honey also has been shown to be very effective in treating conditions as eczema, psoriasis and acne. These healing and rejuvenation properties are linked to the extremely high concentration of antioxidants in Manuka honey.
It’s interesting also to note that this Manuka honey has been found to heal wounds when other more traditional applications failed. The wonderful bonus is that Manuka honey has no dangerous side effects or toxic properties. This is a wonderful skin care product and if used regularly can give you a more youthful looking face without the use of synthetic chemicals.

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